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The Cursed Cauldron By Rob Bray

The Cursed Cauldron:

The curse of Ed Gein’s cauldron

The so called cursed cauldron which was owned by Ed Gein a serial killer and body snatcher. Gein was convicted of killing two women and exhuming countless bodies from graveyards!

Gein used these bodies to create countless items in his house. In fact, it wasn’t until the police broke into Gein’s house that the true horrors of what this man had been doing was unearthed! Inside Geins house were items made of human skin and body parts. Such as, lampshades, furniture and even jewellery! When Gein was convicted of these horrendous crimes he was found to be legally insane and spent the remainder of his life in a psychiatric hospital, where he died in 1984! After he was arrested Geins house was burned down and most of the items were destroyed in the fire! One item that did survive the fire was a cauldron!

The cauldron was sold on after the fire and later acquired by Dan McIntyre whose grandmother bought the item years before and she had used it as a plant pot. It was years later when someone recognised it as Gein’s bloodstained cauldron! It is believed that Gein most likely used the cauldron to store body parts and organs. So, knowing this Dan McIntyre decided to sell the cauldron he believed that it somehow processed Gein’s evil spirit and began to get more and more paranoid. Dan then was struck by a mystery illness and began to believe the cauldron was cursed!

The cauldron was eventually sold to ghost adventures investigator Zak Bagans. Who is currently displaying it in his museum in Las Vegas. So, what are your thoughts on this? Can items such as Ed Geins cauldron really be cursed?


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