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The Tunguska Event.. The worlds first atomic explosion!

The Tunguska Event:

The largest impact ever recorded



In 1908 the world saw its first atomic explosion! 37 years before Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This was the Tunguska event! Tunguska, located in Yeniseyesk Governorate, Russia. It one of the worlds most isolated location and roughly 40 miles away from the nearest populated settlement.
This event has gone unexplained for over 100 years! To this date no one can adequately explain what really happened at Tunguska on that day. The explosion itself destroyed an enormous area of forest, some many tens of thousands of trees and since the event the only thing that can grow there is grass!

On Lookers from distant towns saw a huge fireball fall from the sky this is what’s believed to have caused the explosion and subsequently cause all the damage. To this date no one knows what caused the explosion at Tunguska! Although some explanations have been put forward. Scientist tried to suggest it was an asteroid or a comet but due to the lack of physical evidence this theory has been rejected. Other explanations range from UFOs to a black hole! Another strange detail to this story is the explosion pattern was in the shape of a butterfly which just adds more mystery to this case. The Tunguska event is the largest impact ever recorded on Earth. Yet we still have no clue to what caused it!
What do you think it could have been? An asteroid, a comet, possible a UFO or something entirely different? What are your thoughts?



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