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Spooky Sunday 2! 

By Nicolle Bryson.

So last week I did the first Spooky Sunday and it was quite popular so I’ve decided if I get enough stories, to make this a regular thing. If you would like to be featured anonymous or otherwise email me on Thank you everyone for your stories today. So let’s get on with it, here below are more stories by you! Let us know what you think, enjoy. 

 It moved on its own.

When I was about 13 years old we lived in a nice little cottage in Devon, it was a beautiful place we always wanted a cottage. One night I was alone at home it was at this point my mum had decided I was old enough to be alone without a babysitter for a few hours. I got bored so decided to watch a DVD in my bedroom, I was starting to get hungry so I decided to make a microwave pizza. I took it out and headed back upstairs to carry on watching my film. I heard loud banging downstairs and assumed my mum was back so I walked down and the door was locked and no one was there I checked everywhere. I went Into the kitchen thinking I may as well get a drink whilst I’m here and I saw the microwave was on and cooking something. I thought I maybe forgot and did it myself so I pushed the button to open it and I just went pale and felt shivers through me when I saw my old teddy was inside just sitting upright. A teddy I hadn’t seen since I was about 5 and thought we threw out! No windows open and the door was locked, I phoned my mum she just seemed confused but not really paying attention thinking I’m playing a prank. Still till this day I can’t understand how it happened and I made sure to throw it out after that!
He flew to grandads house. 

When I was younger, my older brother (he was about 5 at the time) woke up one morning and told my mum that he “flew to nanny and Grandad’s house” (we lived in Devon, they lived in Liverpool) he went on to tell her that he flew over the motorway, and it was raining. 

Later that day my nan rang my mum, and told her in the middle of the night, my grandad woke up and saw someone stood at the end of the bed, and that it was raining, could it have been my brother? 

 Who was there? 

I was lying in bed asleep with my husband when I woke up and he was sitting on the side of the bed. I asked him if he was ok and he didn’t answer me. I asked him “what’s wrong are you ok? ” and I turnt my bedside light on, whatever/whoever it was it looked like I had frightened it. Something jumped off my bed and knocked my grandads picture off the side with it. I screamed for my husband and he was in the other room. 

 The ghost who haunts the pub. 

I was locking up the side doors at my pub and putting the shutters down, it’s right next to the men’s toilets. I heard a flush and opposite the door is a window and as I looked in the window I saw a man walk from the toilets to the other side (where the sinks are) and I assumed it was a man.  I went back behind the bar and put the keys away and there was a man at the bar who was there the whole time and a woman that was very drunk and dancing. I checked everywhere that no one else was in the bar so I said to the other bar man ‘is that her boyfriend that’s in the toilet?’  and he said she came on her own that night so I said ‘then who’s the man in the toilets? ‘. He said ‘no ones in there’ and I said yes there is go see for yourself and as he went in, there was no one in there and no one could have left without us knowing. 

He died. 

When I was younger I was out with my childhood best friend.  I felt 3 taps on my shoulder I turned and said to my friend “I think my grandad just died”.  She laughed and said ‘what?’, I said I’m being serious my grandad has just died. A short few minutes later I had a call from my mum and she was crying and said to me your grandad has just died. 
She locked him in the bedroom. 

One night I had stayed out at a friends house so my mom was at home with just my 2 brothers. 

She was laid in bed with both of them reading a magazine when she heard some rustling and footsteps upstairs in the attic (me and my brothers bedrooms where up there), I’d had my bedroom window open that afternoon so she thought someone may have climbed through the window. She locked my brother in her bedroom and grabbed something to protect herself. 

When she got upstairs the windows where all closed and no one were there, as she started to walk back down some one came behind her, it was like a white figure. She ran back down to her bedroom and locked herself in for the rest of the night.

The alarm clock. 

My great grandad owned a big wooden clock, the day he died the clock stopped working on the time of his death. My grandad kept it and has tried everything but it won’t work and is still set the time of his death. Also my dad’s best friend was the one who discovered my dad when he had passed. For 2 weeks after he would wake up bang on 6:07am every morning. It turned out my dad’s alarm was set for 6:07am.

The village. 

I used to visit my aunts house a lot when I was younger I had cousins who were a similar age and the house was so big and there was always things to do. I remember being scared a lot at night for no reason when I stayed over.  I just always felt like someone was there watching me, the whole village gave me an eerie feeling, walking around there was always pictures of the old orphanage and gravesites nearby etc. One night I was sitting in the living room when I looked at the wall and saw a black figure of a man standing up, I just stared gawping, to scared to move I just froze. I blinked and it was gone. I told my aunty who said maybe it was someone waiting outside as the windows were open. I slept over again as my mum was working nightshifts, I woke up and went to the toilet and I stopped. I saw a man standing at the bathroom door, a half man. A dark figure of a man, but I could only see half of his body it was like the right side was just gone. He stood there with a cane, a black trench coat and a large black hat. I ran into the bedroom crying and woke up my older cousin who checked and saw no one there. I don’t know how I slept that night but it took me a year before I felt OK to visit the house again. I told my aunt about this not long ago as we got talking about old times and she told me she experienced a lot of things in that home, we both researched online as we got curious and it turns out the house was previously a place where the kept the bodies until they could be buried. My heart sank. 

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