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The Mummified Sailor

The mummified body of sailor Manfred Bajorat was found aboard his yacht in early 2016…

In 2008 Manfred and his wife decided to sail around the world together. It wasn’t very long into their trip and the couple decided to split up, Manfred decided to carry on with his journey and sail around the world. Two years later his wife sadly passed away.

Manfred had very little contact with friends and family and only occasionally spoke to people via Facebook. Fast forward to 2016 and Manfred’s damaged yacht was discovered a drift off the coast of Barobo – Surigao Del Sur in the Philippines.


When the people who discovered the yacht climbed on board, to their shock they discovered a grey corpse sat hunched over a desk! What they discovered was the mummified body of Manfred Bajorat! The autopsy revealed that he died of a heart attack. It turns out though that Manfred was discovered 4 weeks earlier by a yacht that was sailing around the world, the crew of the yacht did notify the coast guard but they didn’t seem to take any action on what they had been told.

But this is where it gets mysterious! It is thought the Bajorat died a week before his body was first discovered, but the level of mummification that Manfred was in happens after many years and not just a matter of weeks! There has been a couple of theories surrounding this and how the level of mummification could have been so advance, however, No one really Knows how this is possible as most theories don’t adequately explain what really happened!

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