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The Demon ZoZo

 The Ouija Board Keeper


Whether you have ever used a Ouija board it’s safe to say that we have all heard of them! People often report a sense of anticipation or anxious feelings when they are about to use a Ouija board and perhaps with good reason! As they have a notorious reputation for inviting the Unknown into our world! Many people who have used them would say to others to just stay away from an Ouija board. As you never you what you will get and you may end up with more than you bargained for!

There are many evil things that you can apparently contact through an Ouija; although non-that are quite as bad as the demon ZoZo! The demon ZoZo has been held responsible for the destruction of many people’s lives. One of the more famous encounters with ZoZo happened to a man from America called Darren Evans. Evans first encountered ZoZo whilst playing with a Ouija board with his girlfriend. The demon supposedly told Evans information from the other side, as Evans carried on doing more and more Ouija board sessions the demon ZoZo began to get more sinister!Evans ended up having a nervous breakdown due to what was happening to him.

When ZoZo reportedly threatened to steal Evans daughter’s soul he decided to act against the demon and got his house exercised. The exorcism did work but the damage had already been done and it’s something Darren Evans and his family will never forget!

So, after reading this if you do decide to use a Ouija board and try to contact the demon known as ZoZo; the general advice would Be… DON’T! Everyone who has supposedly encountered this entity has lived to regret it, and their lives have never been the same again!

Personally, I have never used an Ouija board and I’m not sure how I feel about them, But the people who have used them would say that they are the real deal and anyone who is wanting to use one should do with great care!

What are your thoughts? Have you ever used an Ouija board?


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