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The Elisa Lam case. 

In 2013,  21 year old Elisa Lam was found dead in a water tank in downtown Los Angeles Cecil Hotel on the rooftop. There is a lot of mystery surrounding the bizarre death of the Canadian student. Police could never pinpoint an exact cause of death, this is a story of what happened.

Elisa checked in to the hotel on January 26th 2013. When Elisa checked in to the hotel she stayed in a hostel type room with others, she was moved not long later after complaints from her roommates as they complained of her showing very “odd behaviour”. On February 19th Elisas body was found floating in a large 4×8 ft water tank. This was 18 days after she was last seen. The last time she was seen was on surveillance footage in the hotel in the elevator, in the footage Elisa is seen acting very strange. She darts in and out of the elevator constantly looking around outside the door as if she is looking for someone or perhaps hiding. She hides in the corner of the elevator and is seen as if she is having a conversation with someone but no one is seen on the footage. Many people report this was paranormal with people suggesting they see a black shadow in the elevator on the footage. From viewing anyone would think Elisa was seeing things or perhaps on drugs,  a toxicology report was done and no drugs or alcohol  were found in her system.

Elisa was a slim, short woman and it’s difficult to understand how she found her way onto the hotels rooftop into the water tank. Elisa would have had to climb onto a fire escape then somehow get through an alarmed and locked foot rooftop door. The tank was very high up (roughly 10ft) and Elisa would have had to open and then close a 20 pound hatch behind her then locking it. The hotel itself has a spooky history with people jumping off the building in the past and a place serial killer once stayed. It’s reported as one of the last places the Black Dahlia was seen, Richard Ramirez the convicted murdered had also stayed at this hotel from 1984-1985. Hotel Cecil is now known as Stay on Main and you can still rent a room today! Watch the Elisa Lam footage below and let us know what you think, was it paranormal? If not, what do you think happened? There is certainly a lot of plausible theories about the case out there. 

The hotel today. 

>>>>>Elisa Lam Elevator Footage<<<<<<

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