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Be An Author For Paranormal Magazine. Post Your Articles, Ghost Hunt Events, Videos and more.

Be An Author For Paranormal Magazine. Post Your Articles, Events, Videos and more.promote

We at paranormal magazine are currently on the look out for content writers to join our website, This is a great opportunity to grow your own brand awareness if you are already with a team.

Benefits of joining Paranormal magazine, and what you can do. 

  1. Articles reach 1st place in google search, due to the popularity of the website.
  2. each post gets converted into a friendly email and sent to our 25k followers by email.
  3. Add your banners on your articles with URL.
  4. Promote your Ghost Hunting Events (Once a week)
  5. Make a name for your self.
  6.  Featured on our about us page.
  7. Automatic social media post. (to our 20k FB fan page & twitter)
  8. embed Facebook POSTS and YOUTUBE Videos.  Grow your likes.

What Kind of things can you post?

Anything paranormal related is allowed. Post as often as you like no limitations, However if you are selling something like events and equipment Once per week please. 

  • Articles
  • How to’s
  • Reviews
  • Ghost Hunting Events (once a month)
  • paranormal videos
  • paranormal investigation videos
  • top 5, 10s
  • Sell your equipment.

If the above interests you please contact us with your email so we can add you to the platform to start your work right away. 

Ghost Hunting Events Paid Plan. 

Post as often as you like, no limitations,

Each post get sent to our 25k followers on the mag, and posted on social media pages

add your videos & pictures of the event directly to the site

embed anything from youtube or facebook.

Link your payment button directly to the posts.

(option to purchase below)

Ghost Hunting Events Press – No Limits.

purchase this is you wish to post your ghost hunting events without been limited to one per month



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