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FREE Paranormal Radio show

PSI radio is hosted by PSI ( Paranormal scientific investigators ) .

Mark and Tony boast 60 years experience between them investigating alleged claims of paranormal activity .

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We host the East coast’s finest paranormal talk internet radio show where you the public can take part .

We cover topics such as ….Hauntings , witchcraft , UFO’s , cryptozoology , demonology , parapsychology , conspiracy reports , artificial intelligence , occultism and much much more .

We broadcast from Kingston Upon Hull , which is the city of culture 2017 .

We have a live chat room which runs alongside the show so you can join in the chat and become a part of the show .

Our music is from local band Truthseeker , which brings an eerie ghostly feel to music .

We have guest’s from all over bringing their ghostly stories to us .

We run live video feeds to our Facebook page so you can enjoy watching our online experiments !

Our shows are listened to by people as far as America and Canada .

If you enjoy the paranormal or want to take part , dont miss our broadcasts .

” The paranormal just got real ”

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