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The Creepy Bridal Doll – Day 2/3 – Scratches Appear On MY DAD!.

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DAY 3***** updated

This article was originally only meant to be about day 1 and 2. 

1 HOUR BEFORE I WAS MEANT TO GO TO WORK.. my mum rushes up stairs to tell me news of my dads arm covered in scratches.. as he was watching the live feed from yesterday he got to the point where i am talking about him and he felt a sensation on his arm and looked and found these scratches… Is this the doll? is this a allergic reaction? is are these scratches of a paranormal nature??

Day 2 of owning the famous creepy bridal doll which was featured in most papers and tv show this morning, the day was still busy but mainly within the paranormal community asking questions, some people didn’t understand why we would pay so much for the doll. and was even trying to figure out where the money came from.

We have Explained Why We Bought the Doll on a Previous Post.

Day 1, of the doll after the live opening it was packed up back into the box it came in, and was left down stairs within the living room. On Day 2 my dad woke up and went down stairs in the morning, he rarely reports strange happenings “to his liking” but this morning he came down stairs and sat down with a coffee, and he heard like tapping sounds on wood. and when he was listing the tapping sounds turned into thuds on the floor, and my dad is partially death. This is not something i experienced, but something my dad did. within the same room as the doll within the box. So it has to be logged.

The point of us having this doll is for us to try different experiments and methods with it and investigate to see if there is turly something about the doll! keep compiling data.

It then came to around 10.00pm and we announced on facebook that we was going to introduce the doll LIVE into the museum and set her up within the museum sat on top of a “gypsy’s Table” Below you will find the DAY 2 Live stream, where we introduced her into the museum. but first. Lets just RECAP. on any activitys to report Since day 1 and 2.

Debbie’s Reports:

Smoke alarm going off

Vivid Nightmares of the doll / dress

Scratches Reported on her husbands Knee

Floor Boards Creaking

Items removed from the doll “the pearl necklace”

Ghosts of Britain Activity Log:

Day 1. Light Bulbs Flickering while live and before the live.  The Flickering got more intense towards end of the live.. and day 2 the lights didn’t flicker once.

Day 1. live viewers report the name Christine and Samantha was communicated,  35:59 | 38:58 “It is Sam” | 40:32 “He is dead” |42:27 you: “i feel like pissing it off” itc: “strike, Lee” | 44:16 You: “I dont believe in ghosts” itc ” Then maybe you… …are a skeptic”

Day 2. Tabbing sounds of wood which turned into thuds within the living room reported by paul, lees dad.. and he is partially death.


I will continue this article later. i have video footage of the event.

We have confirmation on where the doll was brought from which was a house clearance shop. 


The shop says that they collected the doll from a house located in the Wynmondham area. They also stated that even though nothing appeared to happen while the doll was in the shop, many customers who came into the shop commented on how cold the shop was, which, customers have never moaned about before and don’t now it has gone. They also stated that 6 dolls was actually collected from the property and Debbie purchased 3 of them another lady brought one of them, one was thrown away has it appeared to be rotten and the last is currently available to buy in the shop.