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How To Capture EVPs.. And Conduct Your Session..

Hey All Its Lee steer “the Paranormal skeptic” Today i would like to share some tips on conducting an evp session to help scrutinize the field of ghost hunting for best practices.

I had some inspiration to write this article due to the fact i am closequeensfriends with the EVP queens, and i have been working along side them on some of there recordings.. check out the bottom of this article for some of their work 🙂

EVP stands for electronic Voice Phenomena and it is believed that spirits can communicate on electronic devices such as Camcorders, Dictaphone s, anything which can record audio.. You will be doing a recording, and upon review you will think you hear a voice which wasn’t there at the time of the recording, This is normally called an EVP.

Hearing A Voice, with your own ears is called “Voice Phenomena” if you cannot locate the source of course..

TIP Number 1. – Do not Search EVP Recorder to buy a Dictaphone you will be charged an arm and a leg.. Simpy search Dictaphone.

Tip Number 2 -Through My research cheap dictation machines normally produce evps and the expensive high quality microphones seem not to produce them…. The cheaper Dictaphone’s have a low calibre mic pick-up, which is sometimes distorted, and grainy sound. some even record there own inner machines parts.    – Now the more expensive you get crystal quality sound and no Ghost sounds i wonder why????

Tip Number 3 – Duel Redundancy – try to use the same record in the same area, so you have 2 records rolling at once. Skeptics would expect the same sound on the other recording. so if the sound isnt there.. then it could be pretty odd..

Tip Number 4 – Short Bursts – keep it simple short and sweet, do quick fire questions leaving 10 seconds for an answer. Do not record for HOURS… its only your own time you are wasting lol 😉

Tip Number 5 – Know your surroundings, before you conduct your session make a note of possible interactions of what could contaminate with your evp session, and if you capture any evps come back to your notes to see if you can tie it in with any of them interactions.


Tip Number 7 – If you want to capture evidence for yourself, and not convince the public.. then this tip doesn’t matter… Make sure you have a Camera Watching the Session at all times this will help back up your evp to prove it wasnt fake..

Tip Number 8 – Camera Watching Camera if you really want to take your work to the next level and really try to make a difference i urge people to use the Camera Watching Camera Technique, with the time frames posted on each camera. to prove time stamps.

Tip Number 9 – Do not buy any Panasonic DR60 series.. you will capture the machine inner machine and people sell this on ebay for 500 – 1000£ claiming it contacts ghosts when the manufacture recalled the device back to base due to the device recording its own parts.

Tip Number 10 – If you capture an EVP. Play the recording to each person in the team and ask them to write down what they think it says.. then at the end compare your results

Tip Number 11  By Jayne Harris – KNOW YOUR ENVIRONMENT: DO a trial run if you’re planning to investigate and record in a location you’ve never been to before. Learn about what environmental factors may potentially interfere with your later recordings. For example, we visited a hotel in Shrewsbury in 2010 that we’d never been to before. While in a corridor we captured what sounded like a woman voice saying “wait there”. It was quite clear and at the time we couldn’t find a logical explanation. On a second visit recently I was walking along the same corridor and heard voices. It turned out that an air vent, no longer visible as it was behind a portrait, was causing sound to travel from one of the bedrooms! debunked. 

3 Girls In the Dark Tips: From Emily.

3GD Tip 1: don’t eat Taco Bell before an investigation! Your stomach noises will sound like a demon growling “GET OUT” when played back.

3GD Tip2: TAG EVERYTHING – every damn little thing you do. Tag a shuffle, tag a throat clear, tag a sniffle, tag your jeans rubbing together, literally tag everything. Some people are scared to do this. If you don’t, when playing back the recording days later you may not remember if someone cleared their throat and it could also sound like a demon growl! lol

3GD Tip3: DO NOT WHISPER during a session. I cannot stress this enough. Same as above, if you are reviewing a few days or even a few weeks after investigation you will NOT remember someone whispering. Some people count this as evidence. This is NOT evidence. TAG YOUR **** PEOPLE AND STOP WHISPERING AT INVESTIGATIONS!

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EVP Queens Work So far..

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