Pendle Hill Ghost Walk / Hunt


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Pendle Hill

Public Ghost Walk / Hunt. 

Join Ghosts Of Britain investigate the infamous PENDLE HILL live, known to be haunted by the witches who was put on trail and then executed.  Join us and see what you uncover!

Date: Sat 25th MAY 2019 | Time: 8.00 till midnight.

The LIVE Paranormal Experience. will offer you a unique experience like no other.

The Night Will Consist of an EDUCATIONAL talk about paranormal investigations, and the equipment used.

Detailing How to use them, and what they do.

Teaching You best methods on how to investigate …

Light Refreshments are provided on this event. (Drink – Crisps – Cake)

A LIVE STREAM PARANORMAL Experience. We at ghosts of Britain are extremely well known for our live investigations. and this is a rare opportunity to take part in one of our live investigations which we have opened to the public. (1 hour LIVE)

The Rest of the night YOU RUN.

free reign to investigate any area of the location. The experience will let you explore … not follow.🙂 putting our ideas and education into practice.

Health and safety.

We ask that no one under the age of 18 comes on the event.

No Alcohol or drugs.

the site is public right of way, but we are charging for our services not for the location, reason for such a low price. 

We charge because

or the equipment usage, we bring the newest state of the art ghost hunting equipment which isn’t cheap to buy or maintain.  also the data we use during the LIVE paranormal stream experience and for our time with the educational workshop.

event is only open to *15 people* so there will be no over massive crowds


Book fast before its to late to investigate with your


Get your moment of FAME with Ghosts Of Britain LIVE and be watched by 1000s


** after purchase we will tell you the location postcode. **


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