Famous Haunted Bible for sale.

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  • Buy Bible Believed to be haunted.
  • Effects People Just By looking At It.
  • The Look alone of it made people feel very uneasy. (proof in description)
  • Featured on ghosts of Britain. (44k) fan page. its claim to fame.


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Information passed to me.

Haunted Bible

Bible presented to Harry 1911 united Methodist Sunday School at Sailbury Methodist Church….. Using psychic connection in meditative state I find that Harry is only associated by name and previous ownership he is not attached to the bible The person that steps forward to speak gives me the names Jake & Samuel (Jake Samuels ?) and tells me he was a missionary who’d travelled from the USA to the Uk , his life was cut short although his work was not complete & he still wishes to educate through Gods Words – He draws my eye to read a paragraph from the open page : – “How many are mine iniquities and sins? Make me know my transgression and my sin “ His crime was to fall in love with a young girl called Sarah – but something went wrong and Jake was accused of unmentionable things , Sarah was with child ashamed of the disrespect she would bring on her family and she used this accusation which was untrue … heartbroken and scared of what the future held Jake took his own life by hanging !!!



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