Cheapest Full Spectrum Camcorder

£40.00 £30.00

  • Cheapest Full Spectrum Camcorder out there today!
  • HD Record.
  • Motion Sensor
  • PC Web Camera.
  • USB Charge
  • Small and perfect to clip on your coat, pocket, hat.
  • Perfect Lock Off Camera.

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This is the cheapest, budget ghost hunting full spectrum camcorder out there today! Dont pay stupid money for a full spectrum Camcorder / camera.  This cam is perfect for locking off in a small room, or attaching to your hat, pocket, coat and using it a body camera in your ghost hunts. the camera can see in complete darkness with built in IR LEDS, so you will have no problem leaving it in a room all by it self, you could leave it on motion activated so it only records when it senses movement. Low budget wildlife camera “bonus” That isn’t it. you can also use this beauty as a PC web camera.


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