4k Full Spectrum Camera For Ghost Hunting

£145.00 £113.00

Buy the 4K Full Spectrum Ghost Hunting Camera.

Super amazing 4k recording quality

See Infrared Light

See UV light.

FREE IR Illumination device.  

See in complete darkness.



4K Full Spectrum Camcorder.
 1080p HD option offers high-speed, quality 60 frames per secondFull spectrum camcorder with night vision capability

12MP Photos

Wifi Live-View Display with free mobile app

Mount it anywhere with many mounting options (compatible with most GoPro mounts)

Plugs into power for unlimited use

Rechargeable battery

Detachable battery so you can swap out to a new one as needed

Takes videos with audio, photos, burst shots and time-lapse

Easy-To-Use System – Just Hit Record and Go!

Extended battery life

Audio Recording

Records to a Micro SD card up to 32g


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