Elizabeth The Haunted Doll

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Who Will She Attack Next?

Best Evidence Of Elizabeth The Alleged Haunted Doll: Does This Show The Spirit Attached To The Doll Talking And Causing unusual Paranormal Activity? Part 2 Coming Soon.. Which Shows Possibly Shows Elizabeth Pushing The Crying Boy Painting??

–Last updated 20/09/2016–

This doll is called Ruby but a Spirit By the name of Elizabeth is alleged to have an attachment to the Victorian doll, its believed she doesn’t like men, and has quite a temper on her. There is also believed to be a male spirit present which is believed to control Elizabeth.

This page will follow the journey of Elizabeth listing the Reports as they happen, and all the case study’s regarding this alleged haunted item.

We Will Start Of By listing the Reported Phenomena and study’s in Date order “OLD to New” 

Video Case Study’s Are Listed at the bottom of the Article 

The Pre Report 

The Reported Phenomena Around Elizabeth From Date Order

**Disclaimer – We are not saying the doll or a spirit is responsible for all of the facts listed below, we are just simply saying the doll has been present when all this was reported”

  • The Feelings of Been Watched (in the Pre Report Document)
  • Musty Smells Appear In The Areas The Doll Is Present  (In the Pre Report Document)
  • The Feelings Of Someone Next To You (Pre Report Document)
  • Doll Brought On Nightmares To Someone Who Agreed To Have The Doll, They Return It The Next Day (Pre Report Document)
  • Light Bulbs Blowing One 3 different People (2 People in Pre Report Document, 1 Sceptics Case Study “Lee” )
  • Doll Changed Owners To David (Project Paranormal)
  • David Received a Nasty little Burn / Mark
  •  14194437_10157455848240038_595334180_n
  • Swore at David, and said she burnt David (Via Echovox Video 1)
  • The Next Day Said Sorry (Via EchoVox Video 1)
  • Neil Cook Picked up the name Elizabeth via a picture (before David got the doll)
  • Doll Changed House To Stay With Charlene for a few day
  • Charlene did Echovox Experiment and it says “f**k Off”
  • Charlene Asked what she had in her hands it said Scissors (Echovox)
  • Charlene Asked What colour Her Dress Is, It Said Pink (Echovox)
  • Doll Changed House To Undergo Series of Live Case Study’s with Skeptic Lee Steer
  • CASE STUDY 1 (Live Investigation / case Study on FB with Lee & Charlene )
  • Light Bulb Blew (Before Live Case Study 1)
  • Live Viewers Reported Arm Moving Of The Doll
  • Doll Fell Off The Sofa
  • Case Study 2 (Live Investigation / Case Study on FB
  • Lee Felt A Cold Chill Pass Him
  • Lee Saw A Strange White Mass At The Corner of His Eye
  • Light Bulb Blew
  • 2 Fans Watching the LIVE case Study 2 Started to Burn Up.
  • Lee Revealed the doll was called ruby and Echovox Said Ruby at the same time.
  • Viewers Reported Shadows Around Lee.
  • Case Study 3 (Live / Intensified Investigation On FB
  • Temperature Meter detected a +5 Increase “going to Red” –  Then a -10 Decrease “going to Blue” Then a – 5 “going to blue”
  • Lee felt a cold chill on his legs
  • Live Facebook Show (11/09/2016) (Elizabeth in the background)
  • Live watcher ask for Elizabeth to give them a sign, they heard footsteps walking up the stairs and their dogs all of a sudden started going wappy
  • The Crying Boy Painting which the show was focused about what thrown to the floor???
  • Live Viewer Asked for Elizabeth to come and show them a sign… This is what she got..
  • Case Study 4: Lee Steer Pushes himself on the spirit alleged to be in the doll, attempting to make her angry, the chat explodes with people reporting Cuts, and Burses and burns..
  • Lindzey Reports 2 Scratch Marks
  • Layla Reports 2 Scratchs
  • September Reports a Big Bruse
  • Ross Reports A Nasty Burn..


Videos and Case Study’s In Date Order

Video 1 (Echovox Session with David) 

LIVE Case Study 1 (with Lee & Charlene)

LIVE Case Study 2 (With Lee)

Live Case Study 4 – THE ATTACKS Increase… ???