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Watch “The Paranormal Talk Show, LIVE. Ask Questions To Real Ghost Hunters” on YouTube

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Ask a question to ghost hunters

Please fire away any questions you may have for real ghost hunters to answer. Will will answer your question live on YouTube channel.
8th Feb. 2014 at 9pm please be sure to ask your questions now. Cheers. See you Saturday you spooky lot.

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Paranormal Magazine Free Download

Paranormal magazine is a world leading paranormal phenomena book, With a unique style unlike the rest!

The Paranormal magazine series reached #2 Place in Paranormal genre chart. “paperback & ebook / Kindle “

We are making Issue 1 FREE TO DOWNLOAD, Only for followers of our site.

To DOWNLOAD your free copy enter your email into the box on the left hand side were it states to follow.

Thank you for the support.

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We are looking for ghost stories for paranormal magazine paperback

We are looking for ghost stories to feature in our magazine issue 4. Paperback and kindle edition. 8000+ readers a month.  Please use contact us page to submit your stories. Thank you. The best storie will win a prize.

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We are looking for content to publish in issue 4 paranormal

Issue 4 due date is 1st march.
We are on the look out for articles on equipment. Ghost stories, ghost pictures, ghost hunting methods. Event company reviews. If you feel you can provide an article to be published in our top world ranked paranormal magazine. Then please contact us. You can add a site at the end of your article no problem.

In other news we are also looking to come and film: an interview and an investigation if you think your house is haunted.

Please leave your comments below and don’t forget to follow us and check out issue 1, 2, 3. Thank you.

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Ghost Appears during an Ice Storm blackout

Is this a ghost? You decide.

Your Name.:Philysteak
What could this possibly be? Last night during the Ice Storm Black Out that we
had here in Wellington Ontario I snapped a picture of this strange Entity that
was floating around the house. By the time I tried to take another picture it
was gone. There was no flash and no lights because of the black out. And it was
there for about 5 -10 seconds or so.

Please leave your comments to the above person.
Thank you, will appear in issue 4!.

Submit your ghost videos to:­ideos-2014/4581812157

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Britains Ghosts: The Walkabout Inn Ghosts Investigation – Sheffield Paranormal

The Walkabout Inn Ghosts Investigation – Sheffield ParanormalIs this place in Sheffield truly haunted ? what do you think?the walkabout in interview. Sheffield

via Britains Ghosts: The Walkabout Inn Ghosts Investigation – Sheffield Paranormal.