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In the middle of a field, in the heart of Essex, sits an innocuous looking bungalow. However, until fairly recently, very few people knew that underneath this cottage lies a vast underground bunker, in which up to 600 people could live during the aftermath of a nuclear war. As the bunker lies only 25 miles from London, it is thought that the Prime Minister and his cabinet may very well have been whisked there in the event of the dreaded nuclear attack.

Kelveden Hatch Ghost hunt

Location: Kelvedon, Essex
Date: Saturday 21st June 2014
Time: 9pm – 3am
Cost: £39 Per Person

Book your tickets here

Kelvedon Hatch bunker 2014

Originally built at the height of the cold war in 1952-53 as part of the ROTOR air defence project (an elaborate radar system designed to counter possible attack by Soviet bombers), the role of the building changed over the years to a Home Office ‘Regional Seat of Government’ (SOC) and then in its later years to a ‘Regional Government Head Quarters’ (RGHQ). The RSG/RGHQ would have been tasked with organising the survival of the population and ensuring successful continuation of government operations in the event of a nuclear attack. It was maintained as an emergency RGHQ until 1992 when the nuclear threat was seen as diminished. The site was sold back to the family who owned the land originally and is now a Cold War museum, retaining many features from its former life.

Since becoming a museum, Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker (the ‘Secret’ part of its title no longer makes much sense seeing as it has its own website and brown tourist signposts in the area!) has become notorious as a haunted location, appearing on Living TV’s ‘Most Haunted’ as well as other programmes and has been the focus of many paranormal investigations.

It may seem unfeasible that a building which was never actually used for its intended purpose would be haunted. However, there is a story that during the construction of the bunker’s walls (10ft wide and 100ft deep), concrete was being poured day and night. One morning the day shift found the foreman’s hat floating on the wet concrete and the man in question nowhere to be found and never to be seen again – the assumption being that he was accidentally buried within the walls. During its first incarnation from 1952 until the late 60s, lots of people would have spent a great deal of time in the bunker, guards were positioned there 24/7 and there were regular drills which involved staff remaining underground for up to two weeks. Are some of these staff returning after death to continue their duties? Additionally, the bunker is built very close to a Roman burial site and early Bronze age site, which may also go some way to explaining the strange phenomena occurring within the building.

Several apparitions roam the complex, including a grey figure who moves from room to room. Witnesses have described it as taking the form of an ‘unusually tall elderly lady’. As well as an RAF officer who has been spotted on several occasions, more than one person has had the frightening experience of meeting with a woman in uniform who angrily instructs them to leave the building. Similarly, one visitor during the day was walking through the dormitory when he was told to ‘go back’ by a disembodied voice, leaving him rather shaken as there was no-one else in the area at all.

The sick bay, complete with cardboard coffins (easier to store as they fold up!), seems to be one of the paranormal hotspots. Dark shadows are seen flitting back and forth and many mediums have sensed a malevolent presence which may be responsible for the feelings of dread and foreboding which many people experience in this area. Some have even gone as far as to describe this sinister entity as being demonic in nature. It has to be presumed that if such a negative force exists then it has to originate from long before the bunker existed.

Other activity in the nuclear bunker includes the throwing of stones by unseen hands and the sound of loud crashes and bangs emanating from empty rooms in the middle of the night. Strange lights and mists have been seen to materialise from thin air, a strange growling sound has been heard and an unexplained foul odour has appeared more than once during previous ghost-hunts at the location.

Join Us If You Dare…
Well haunted team

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Redoubt Fort Ghost Hunt £30, 24th May 2014

The Redoubt fort was built between 1804 and 1810 to support the associated Martello towers in defending against the threat of an invasion by Napoleon. It has defended the Eastbourne coast for nearly 200 years. Like its twin Dymchurch Redoubt it was built as a barracks and supply depot for the towers, and designed for 11 guns, although only 10 guns were installed. During the First World War the Redoubt was used by the military police as a headquarters and temporary jail. Following this, the Redoubt was purchased by Eastbourne Borough Council for £150 with the plan to turn it into a venue for leisure activities. During the Second World War the building was requisitioned by the army to be used for storage. Canadian troops also spent time there in the build up to the D-Day landings.

Join Well Haunted on this amazing cheap ghost hunt!

Essex ghost hunnts!

Location: Eastbourne
Date: Saturday 24th May 2014
Time: 9pm – 3am
Cost: £30 per person
Places: 20 Available

Book tickets here

The Redoubt has 24 rooms which are known as Casemates, and these housed up to 200 men, although in an emergency up to 350 could be accommodated. The companies of men who lived at the Redoubt were known as the garrison.

The walls of casemates 2 and 3 still have their black iron shelf frames. Under each shelf frame there would have been a bed, and when the beds were folded away during the day, soldiers hung their kit on these frames.

There may have been some women living at the Redoubt, as officially the Army allowed six officers in a company to live with their wives on site. They would share the same barracks or sleeping quarters as the rest of the men, with only a blanket hung across the room from privacy.

As the Redoubt was built onto the shingle beach it was never intended to hold water as it would just drain away. Even though it was a massive obstacle the dry moat still needed defending if an attacker managed to climb down into it to assault the walls. For protection, five caponiers were built in the moat. If the enemy descended into the moat, the soldiers could fire on them at close range from inside the caponiers.

Join Us If You Dare…


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Cannock Ghost Hunts, at FOUR CROSSES with FREE sandwiches and a drink

Join the well haunted team for this Easter Weekend Special and get FREE sandwiches and a drink* from the bar before the event starts. Limited places available so don’t miss out.

Date: Saturday 19th April 2014
Time: 9pm – 2am
Cost: £25 per person

Four Crosses Ghost

Buy from

The Four Crosses is an 17th Century inn located on the A5 in Cannock, a well known place of mystic and haunted happenings. Visited by The Most Haunted team headed by Yvette Fielding, the team unearthed some interesting facts. Also visited by Mystic Ed a well known local medium in the area tails of Smashing Glasses and distressing calls from the ladies toilets are just some of the unexplained happenings. The strangest thing to happen is the fire that lights itself will you get to see this for yourself?

We hope so!
Reported spirits include the drunkard man Charlie, who is always happy to invite you in so you can enjoy his favourite tipple with him. Emily the lost soul who haunts the ladies toilet. Scotty the young boy who roams the hall ways, and the Unknown Soldier who makes his present felt, or even the middle aged woman, seen looking out of an upstairs window.

Join us and see if you can find the sprits that date back to 1636.

*Free drink limited to a pint of beer, a single spirit or soft drink. One free drink per person attending. Please drink responsibly anyone having excess alcohol will be asked to leave. Only tea and coffee provided by Well Haunted Paranormal Events allowed on site, all other drinks must be purchased from the bar. Under no circumstance are food or drinks allowed out of the bar area.

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Cheap Ghost Hunts 2014


Hey paranormal fans,

Are you looking for cheap ghost hunts?

We have scouted the paranormal web, and we have found out the cheapest company offering paranormal events.

This event company is called Well Haunted, Check out there events here, well priced. and some amazing venue.

 Are you brave enough to be a paranormal investigator for the night?




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Drakelow Tunnels 22nd March Ghost Hunt

Join Well Haunted at

DRAKELOW TUNNELS 22nd March, £35.00

Venue Description

The Drakelow Tunnels are a former underground military complex beneath the Kingsford    Country Park north of Kidderminster, Worcestershire, covering 250,000 sq ft. The    tunnels, which have a total length of 3.5 miles, have a very interesting past and    are a historical monument to the military history of the United Kingdom.
Designed by Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners, the Drakelow Tunnel Complex (originally called    “Drakelow Underground Dispersal Factory”) was excavated during World War II in sandstone hills near the village of Kinver and the town of Kidderminster. It was originally  constructed as a shadow factory for the Rover car company who were at the time manufacturing  engines for the Bristol Aeroplane Company.

It was also intended to supply components to Rover’s main shadow factories at Acocks Green and Solihull, to supply spare parts, and to act as a backup facility if either of the main shadow factories was damaged    by enemy action. The tunnels contained dormitories, storage areas, workshops, electrical equipment, toilets, offices, a BBC studio, a GPO Telephones communications facility and other facilities.
During the 1950’s and the growing Cold War, the site was initially used by the Ministry of Supply for storage. Then around 1958 part of the site was    developed by the Home Office as a Regional Seat of Government (RSG9). It was publicly exposed in a demonstration held there by the West Midlands Committee of 100 in the    summer of 1963. Under later Home Defence schemes the bunker was designated a Sub-Regional  Control (SRC), Sub-Regional Headquarters (SRHQ) and finally Regional Government Headquarters    (RGHQ). The site was greatly modernised in the early 1980’s, only a small portion of the site was designated for use. New blast doors were fitted in place of the previous    wooden factory doors and the interior of the site was refurbished in the areas forward of tunnel 4.
It is claimed that during construction workers were crushed to death    by collapsing tunnels and accidents with dumper trucks. Reports of experiments gone    wrong, and people stationed there taking their own lives. Many mediums have picked    up on a deadly demon’s presence down by the old theatre.

Join Us If You Dare…

Buy tickets from the link below.

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