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​Celtic Traditions for All Hallows’ Eve

By Claire Barrand

Halloween or Hallowe’en is now celebrated across the world on the night of 31st October. A special time of the year when many believe that the veil between our world and the spirit world is at its thinnest, where spirits can make contact with the physical world, a night when magic is at its most potent.

 Modern day celebrations generally involve groups of children dressed in scary costumes roaming from house to house, demanding “trick-or-treat”. Fearing the worst, intimidated householders normally hand over vast amounts of treats in the form of chocolates, sweets and candy to avoid whatever dastardly tricks may have been dreamt up by these little scoundrels. The origins of these celebrations however date back thousands of years, to pagan times.

The origins of Halloween can be traced back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. (a Gaelic word meaning ‘Summer’s End’) In Wales this was known as. “Nos Calan Gaeaf” This is the most well-known Halloween tradition in Wales. The Welsh translation, interestingly, is ‘the first of winter’

 Until 2,000 years ago, the Celts lived across the lands we now know as Britain, Ireland and Northern France. Essentially populated by farming and agricultural people, the Pre-Christian Celtic year was determined by the growing seasons and Samhain marked the end of summer and the harvest and the beginning of the dark cold winter. The festival literally symbolised the boundary between the world of the living and the world of the dead. November 1st was considered the end of the summer, and the start of the month of death in the Celtic calendar, the date on which the herds were returned from pasture and animals were slaughtered to provide meat for winter. Indeed, the Modern Welsh for November Tachwedd literally means ‘The Month of Slaughter’. 

It was believed by the Celts that on the night of 31st October, ghosts of their dead would revisit the mortal world and large bonfires were lit in each village in order to ward off any evil spirits that may also be at large. Celtic priests, known as Druids, would have led the Samhain celebrations. It would also have been the Druids who ensured that the hearth fire of each house was re-lit from the glowing embers of the sacred bonfire, in order to help protect the people and keep them warm through the forthcoming long, dark winter months.

Carved pumpkin Jack O lanterns were in fact originally made from turnips and lit to guide the dead back to earth, and the Celts also dressed in costumes much as we do today, but they would have worn animal skins, masks and other disguises to avoid being recognized by the ghosts thought to be present. It was in these ways that beings such as witches, hobgoblins, fairies, and demons came to be associated with the day. The period was also thought to be advantageous for foretelling on matters such as marriage, health, and death. On tradition observed was once the bonfire had been lighted, each member of the family would throw into the blazing heap a white stone containing some mark or cabalistic sign. Next morning, among the charred ashes these stones are sought for, and if by any chance one of them has disappeared, it is believed that the luckless thrower will never see another All Saints’ Day. 

In the decades that followed, Britain was invaded by a new religion. Christianity arrived bringing the Christian Festivals and amongst them “All Hallows’ Day”, also known as “All Saints Day”, a day to remember those who had died for their beliefs, but this was in fact originally celebrated on 13th May. 

Pope Gregory had the date of the All Hallows’ feast moved to 1st November sometime in the 8th century. He announced that Christian missionaries were to convert pagans to the Christian religion and where possible, incorporate the beliefs, festivals and sacred sites of pagan beliefs into the Christian religion.  It is thought that in doing so, he was attempting to replace or assimilate the Celtic Samhain festival of the dead with a similar “church approved” celebration.

The night or evening of Samhain therefore became known as All-hallows-even then Hallow Eve, still later Hallowe’en and then of course Halloween. The Christian Church may have intended that people would spend their time praying for the souls of the dead on an important holy day. However, the fact that this was a day off from work gave many people even more of an excuse to celebrate Halloween with more excitement and excess than ever

In the eleventh century, a further festival was added to the church calendar; All Souls Day on 2 November. The three festivals of All-Hallows Eve, All Saints and All Souls were together known as Hallowmas. 

Despite the Church’s success in establishing a Christian basis for the autumn celebrations, many of the ancient customs and traditions associated with them were still practiced by the population. The carving of gourds and the wearing of costumes and masks to scare away malevolent spirits are typical of the superstitions carried over from these celebrations into the All Hallows Eve.

The custom of “trick-or-treating” has its origins in a ritual wherein the elders of a village or town would go from house to house and receive offerings of food and gifts for the souls of dead friends and relatives thought to visit on this night. This practice evolved during the Middle Ages, when beggars would travel from village to village and beg for “soul cakes”. Villagers would offer prayers along with the cakes to those who had died in the past year for their transition to heaven. 

Fire sticks and torches clearly anticipated the Guy Fawkes revels on the 5th of November and naturally lead to bonfires, which had a grimmer significance on the eve of All Saints’ Day. 

Queen Mab is a fairy referred to in Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, where “she is the fairies’ midwife, described as a miniature creature who performs midnight pranks upon sleepers, sometimes relieving desires but sometimes leaving nasty blisters on the lips should she so choose.

The Daily Telegraph reported in 1882…

 “It may be all very foolish and inconsistent with the severity of this extremely matter-of- fact age, but there are scores of country folks, even of today, who have the utmost faith in the existence of some Queen Mab “that plats the manes of horses in the night, and bakes the elf locks in foul sluttish hairs, which once entangled much misfortune bodes.” 

Such Mabs and elves and witches must be guarded against in order to ward off their evil eyes and mischievous influence. It is fire that is their bane. Let the farmer carry a bunch of straw fired about his corn and all will be well with the crop; let him murmur some such incantation as “, Fire and red low light on my team now,” and he is likely to avoid any subsequent danger or mischance; let the laborer light a torch and flash the fiery cross in the air, and away will fly the witches, baffled and undone” 

This is why fire sticks were among the commonest asset of a well-considered Halloween. The same use was to be found in the scarlet -berries of the rowan tree or mountain ash, and in a coil of scarlet wool. They say in Scotland, “Rowan tree and red thread. To gar the witches and dance them dead,” which, being interpreted, means to dance down until they die from exhaustion.

Variations of these bonfire ceremonies were observed in all parts of the country. The love ceremonies in connection with Halloween are almost as numerous as those connected with St. Valentine’s Day, and apples as well as nuts play a curious part in the accurate adjustment of the destinies of the young people. To burn two nuts side by side in order to see if the flame is mutual, steadfast, and enduring, or sudden, fitful, and impetuous, was common as was the old trick of flinging orange or apple peel over the shoulder to see what initial it would form. Many young women also believed that if they took a candle and stood in front of a mirror, where she had to eat an apple before it and comb her hair. If lucky, she will see the face of her future husband peeping over her shoulder. 

The Evening Express in 1910 observed, 

“It is the night of nights in the year when the spirits of the dead take deep delight to walk abroad and disturb trembling humanity”

This Halloween, Abergavenny will see many celebrations going on across town, many of them, sadly now Americanized and not at all sympathetic to our Celtic roots. But whatever your method of celebration or even if your choice is to abstain, I hope we can respect that this is a historical and fascinating custom that we are keeping alive in 2016, so enjoy your evening and stay safe! 

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​The Moon’s Effect- Does A Full Moon Have An Effect On Paranormal Activity?

By Ian Ainsley
For centuries tales of the moon and links to the supernatural have circulated amongst the masses in particular full moons.

Many ancient beliefs and practices believed that the spirit world is more noticeable during the phases of a full moon and would use the full moons as a chance to perform rituals to speak to the spirit realm. 

Now it could be that this is a genuine occurrence that activity increases during a full moon but then again it could also be put down to Luna Madness or the Luna Lunacy Effect or quite simply it could all just be a myth passed down through the ages gaining credibility as it goes.

There are many paranormal teams that will say activity is greater during the full moon then there are others that will say it doesn’t have much of an affect on activity at all. 

It is widely believed that a full moon can affect people in certain ways. We all know that the moon’s gravitational pull affects the tides but can it actually affect a person? If we look at what is known about the human body and how it is made up of 75-80% of water there is a strong chance that when the moon is full and at its strongest it could in theory affect a person in terms of what they are thinking. 

Say for instance a person has hidden emotions of anger then it is quite possible that during a full moon that emotion could manifest itself stronger than it usually is causing a person to act out of character. This could very well explain some if not all of the folklore tales of werewolves not in terms of a physical change but on a mental level it certainly could make a person behave more animal like acting off basic animal instincts.

 So in theory it is possible that full moons could cause a person who is inclined to thoughts of the paranormal to believe they are experiencing something paranormal or quite possibly it could cause that individuals mind to trick itself into hallucinating and seeing what they believe to be an apparition.

In conclusion not enough is known on the topic of the paranormal and the full moon to be able to pass judgement as to a definitive answer to whether full moons have an influence on paranormal activity or not so I will leave it up to you to decide whether or not you believe it does or not. 

It’s certainly a topic that intrigues me and one I would like to attempt to put to the test with my team Project Paranormal at some point.

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Harry Price: Dweller on the Threshold

By David Fox


‘Harry fought a long, lone battle against, on the one hand, the Victorian educated scientists who derided the occult and, on the other, fanatical believers in spiritualism whose favourite mediums he exposed as frauds.’

Dennis Wheatley

Harry Price (1881 to 1948) is remembered today as perhaps the most famous ghost hunter and psychical investigator of all time. The intrepid scientist’s study ofBorley Rectory in Suffolk, purported to be ‘The Most Haunted House in England’, from 1929 until his death brought him international recognition and cemented his reputation as a colossus within the field of occult research. Nonetheless, this extraordinary figure became an object of both acclaim and disdain during his lifetime. Some commentators viewed Price merely as a sensationalist who sought publicity by courting the supernatural, whilst others championed him as a genuine truth seeker – selflessly dedicated to unlocking the mysteries of the universe.

Indeed, Price’s commitment and dedication to the investigation of preternatural phenomena cannot be understated. He founded The National Laboratory for Psychical Research, compiled one of the largest libraries of the occult in the world, and was one of the first scientists to apply a rigorous and methodical approach when testing the authenticity of psychics and hauntings. Price utilised state-of-the-art technologies such as pressure sensors and infra red photography in his quest into the unpredictable and inhospitable shadow realm of spirits, poltergeists and demons. His capacity and appetite for conducting painstaking research – in often freezing and isolated locations in the dead of night – has set the bench mark exceptionally high for all psychical explorers. In Borley Rectory alone Price recorded no fewer than sixty different types of supernatural occurrence.


Borley Rectory in Suffolk – The Most Haunted House in England.


Contemporary ‘ghost hunters’ frequently pay homage to Price’s considerable influence and achievements, but few are actually aware of his background in the art of conjuring and legerdemain. A lifelong member of the prestigious Magic Circle, his interest in this amazing art form began at an early age when he witnessed a performance of The Great Sequah in Shrewsbury market place. The young Price was mesmerised by the magician and this profound experience clearly catalysed an inner yearning for the mysterious.


‘The Conjurer’ by Bosch. Magic and the Occult have always been closely linked.


Thus, like the great Harry Houdini (who successfully debunked numerous fraudulent psychics in the US), an understanding of the art of magic allowed Price to deduce what secret artifices or methods, if any, were being deployed by supposed soothsayers and mediums during his research. The story of the famous ‘spirit photographer’ William Hope is well documented and is an example of one of Price’s many skirmishes withSpiritualists who normally felt threatened by his research. The scientist was more than aware of how accomplished magicians can surreptitiously ‘switch’ objects, undetected by audiences, in order to achieve startling outcomes. This was precisely what Hope was doing with the photographic plates, and Price quickly concluded that his ‘spirit images’ were actually frauds. Indeed, this damning revelation set the tone for most of Price’s investigations into Spiritualists and clairvoyants. He attended hundreds of séances and was rarely convinced by the authenticity of the spectacle. Lifelong friend Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (best known as the creator of Sherlock Holmes – but himself an ardent Spiritualist) frequently expressed his anger at Price’s findings and urged him to be more sympathetic towards individuals of a psychical disposition.


Like the Great Houdini, Price’s knowledge of magic helped him ‘debunk’ fraudulent mediums.

Nonetheless, in the midst of a seemingly incessant tide of fraudulence and deceit, Price did encounter some incredible individuals who genuinely appeared to possess exceptional extra sensory talents. The most notable is perhaps Ms Stella C who, unlike the majority of clairvoyants and mediums, did not accept money for conducting séances and was not interested in forging a career in this field. Price and others observed the occurrence of genuine telekinetic phenomena in her presence, and she also incredibly predicted (with an uncanny accuracy which startled even Price) what would appear on the front page of The Daily Mail several weeks in advance.

Price was further led to speculate that it may be ‘highly probable’ that some individuals actually can communicate with the deceased. A séance in 1930 with the clairvoyant Mrs Eileen Garrett, who was not a Spiritualist, provided some of the most extraordinary results ever obtained in the field of psychical exploration. Garrett claimed to be in communion with Flight-Lieutenant H Carmichael Irwin, the captain of the doomed R101 Airship which had tragically crashed in France two days earlier. All the crew and passengers had been killed, but the psychic was accurately able to relay intricate details about the sequence of events which led to the fatal accident. Specialised technological information about the airship itself, of which Garrett could not possibly have known, were also provided. Price contacted the RAF with his findings and they concluded that 70% of Eileen Garrett’s account was exactly precise, 20% was ‘most likely’ and the remainder was rather confused.


The medium Eileen Garrett recounted intricate details of the R101 disaster.

Such examples of Price’s work reveal that as well as earning a reputation as a sceptical man of science, he did have a sensitivity towards psychics and was prepared to reveal instances of what appeared to be genuine ‘supernatural’ phenomena. Indeed, his feud with fellow magicians the Maskelynes would reveal how he was often prepared to defend psychics who he believed were genuine. Nevil Maskelyne had long claimed that his brother Clive could duplicate all types of ‘supposed spiritual phenomena’ a medium could create in a séance. However, Price challenged this statement and alleged that he had witnessed events in séance rooms which even the most accomplished of conjurers would struggle to produce.


Magicians can amaze audiences with seemingly ‘psychical phenomena’.

Enigmatic and complex, the life of Harry Price is arguably even more perplexing than the mediums, spirits and poltergeists he documented along the way. It is intensely intriguing when a talented and highly intelligent individual is drawn to devote his entire life to the study of a fringe subject such as the occult. They run the risk of being ostracised, condemned and ridiculed by their peers. So why did Harry Price decide to embark upon such an atypical and arduous journey which would ultimately lead him to the bowels of desolate dilapidated mansions, the icy spectral solitude of cemeteries, and the sinister sultry environs of fraudulent medium’s séance parlours? Was he merely a deluded moonstruck eccentric shying away from the harsh realities of life? Or should we celebrate him as a heroic pioneer who conducted invaluable research into an area which has been largely ignored or overlooked by many of the greatest minds over the centuries?



Psychical researchers can easily become objects of ridicule. Why did Price choose this path?

The author of the article is David Fox, a professional magician and freelance writer.

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Harry Price: The Scientific Investigator

​By David Barriett

Throughout history, there have been many scientists who have held paranormal/supernatural beliefs.  Sir Isaac Newton was obsessed with numerology and astrology. William Crookes was deeply interested in seances, spiritualism and paranormal phenomena. Oliver Lodge was fascinated by the idea of thought thought transfer.  Charles Richet believed we are capable of having genuine premonitions and that we have a 6th sense. And Marie Curie’s husband, Pierre, was passionate about mediumship and attended many seances.  

I have been asked if there is a paranormal investigator that I would have liked to have worked with.  I answer Harry Price, who many consider the first celebrity paranormal investigator.  Although he didn’t have a scientific background, he would use scientific techniques in his research, and also to debunk and expose frauds.  Price became an expert in magic tricks and slight of hand tricks, and used this knowledge to be able to expose the tricks that some of the mediums were using.  He would use his scientific knowledge to conduct experiments and prove fakery.  

Harry Price is probably best known for his investigation of Borley Rectory in Essex, England.  He lived there for a year from May 1937 to May 1938. He wrote about his experiences, and also the supposed hauntings of the building since it was built in 1863. 

Harry Price aimed to use a scientific approach during his study of the paranormal. He tried to explain and debunk all stories of ghosts, myths, activity and seances.  

Although not so much with today’s ‘celebrity’ investigators, scientific research still exists with the paranormal field.  Serious investigators and researchers have taken a backseat in the media to the tv personalities of shows such as Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventurers.  

Recently, accomplished physicist Brian Josephson was in the media stating that he believes that quantum physics will help to understand the basic properties of telepathy and telekinesis.  

I believe that there are many scientists who do believe in the paranormal and that science can help with the research, but I feel they are worried that their reputations would be tarnished if they were to admit to it.

Pictured below is some of the equipment Harry would use during his investigsting.

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Understanding Cults and Covens

By Red Ridge X – Cults & Covens.

On more than one occasion I have been asked if I’m in some sort of cult. More often than not it is no surprise as this usually occurs while I’m with a group of people sat around a stone circle or found in a wood. My answer to this question is “No” but was I giving that answer without understanding what the word cult really means and saying “No” to avoid anyone thinking I was in some brainwashed death cult ready for suicide on the next full moon or hell bent on opening a portal to another dimension with a plan to take control of the world.

So what does the word Cult mean.

The word cult is a controversial one due to the fact it is usually used as an attack against certain groups. The word cult was given the characteristic of a small religious group that carried beliefs or customs that operated outside the main religion of an area or countries society. It was then magnified as a negative word when cult was classed as a small deviant religious group. It did not take long for anti-cult movements to take hold. After looking at the original usage of the word that dates back to the 17th century I found the word was introduced from the French adaptation (Culte) of the Latin word Cultus. Cultus simply means worship. The Latin word Cultus is also linked to other words like cultivated and culture referring to social and religious groups with particular beliefs, forms and material identity.

My conclusion is that the word cult means a group of people that do their own thing in a way that may differ to the norm.

Examples of Cults.

Some of the most well known religions of today started out as a cult. Christianity started as a small cult with followers facing death for simply following. While mentioning Christianity there is and as been many cults setup as a branch of Christianity for instance the Unity Church is a Christian movement where some will choose to call them a cult, it does not mean that they have a negative effect on their followers or anyone at all but their called a cult and some may call them a sect or church.

Some cults do have a disastrous ending with a negative outcome. David Koresh was booted out from his Church of the Seventh Day Adventist for been radical. A self proclaimed messiah telling his followers the end is neigh under the cult name Branch Davidians, he brought about the death of around 75 of his followers after a 51 day siege in Waco.

In 1997 39 members of Heaven’s Gate killed themselves so they could reach a spaceship that was following a comet.

In whole the nature of most cults can have a varied effect with some emerging and becoming an established cult or religion while others will fade away never to be heard of again with all traces lost to the sands of time.

I remember as a child been fascinated with the Knights Templar a major order within the Christian religion which then became reduced to a cult like status that lead to a witch hunt resulting in many Templar deaths. Some groups today are still in operation with a long reaching history and sometimes confused with the Templar’s for instance there is the Knights of St John/Knights of Malta. I have done my own research into the history of the Knights of St John even taking a trip to Malta a place of immense history with regards to the Knights and discovering there are other smaller groups that gather in their name.

We at Red Ridge are also very interested in what particular groups are active in England and our local area and I can say with confidence as it surprised me that there are more groups of a varied scope active up and down the country. In my local area I have come across an amazing diversity and I can safely say I have enjoyed the company of them all and at the same time have learnt so much from them.


As I mentioned above I have come across various groups from Buddhism to Voodoo. One group I spent a lot of time with was a coven. A coven is a gathering of witches and the word itself was not used much in English until the 20th century. The best part of 20 years ago I started becoming very interested in alternative faiths and came across people practicing Wicca and Witchcraft after attending a pagan moot (a meeting of like minded people discussing various paths and more often than not in a pub) I soon found there was a few moots in the area held mostly once a month and included a wide variety of people from different professions and backgrounds. The variety of opinions ,theories and styles of rituals and practice was amazing and I naturally wanted this experience more than once a month so a group of us formed a closed circle for spiritual development which carried on for a year or so, in this time we were introduced to the use of tarot cards, pendulum, Ouija board and many other divination techniques. Besides the divination they also explained ideas of karma and the cycles of nature that they recognize and implement in their rituals. After sticking with this for a while myself, brother and a couple of others were invited into a practicing coven that we stayed with for a few years. While in this coven we witnessed how they embedded many rituals into their everyday life and how they viewed particular aspects of nature. While in the coven we completed our 3 degrees of Wicca initiation and developed our own coven name, but we are not making it public until we have found what we are looking for. For Wicca and Witchcraft an article can never be enough as there is many forms and paths of the craft and personalized by each coven. A lot of covens do write down their ways of thinking, rituals and other details in books that are sometimes called a Book of Shadows.

So looking back through what I wrote about myself in this article you could say after looking at the original usages of the word that cult you could say yes I have been in a few cults in my time and a coven. I hope this article also provides the idea that cults are not bad or evil and that like most things in life it’s merely down to people’s intentions.

Please visit Red Ridge X at their Facebook page.  Red Ridge X.

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Hoober stand, Rotherham, A second Alter Found? Possible Evidence of WitchCraft?


Written by Charlene Kemp

So after investigating the area hoober stand, Rotherham, some more we can say we have came across what appears to be some kind of other alter.

We found items around this area which indicated that this area may be of good energy, love hearts with quotes on ‘have a nice day’, flowers and dream catchers and such things….But set behind this is a blue mask pinned to a tree, I am unsure of the significance to this, seance sticks and crosses which appear up side down.

The information regarding masks like this all indicates witchcraft, but to what kind of witchcraft is the question.
Update: Thank you to Philip Kevin who has directed me to this information

Below is a picture which is very similar to the one pinned on to the tree. This is an African fang mask

A fang mask is often worn by spiritual leaders during rituals, to drive away evil spirits, or are shown as symbols depicting wealth and prosperity.

Pictured above is another some kind of sign and a cross which is upside down, on the sign it reads ‘Enamour’ which in latin means be filled with love for.

Now after researching into the up side down crosses I came to realise that normally these are pinned up this way as a marking of mocking christ.

Here is some research I have found surrounding the history of the upside down cross, and what it symbolises in recent times.

‘The upside-down cross, or the inverted cross, is a symbol with a long history and, in modern times, divergent meanings. As its name implies, an upside-down cross is simply a Latin cross turned so that the crosspiece is closer to the bottom than the top. A person hanging on such a cross would be positioned head-downwards.

For centuries, the inverted cross was considered a Christian symbol, based on an ancient tradition that the apostle Peter was crucified upside down. One version of the story says that Peter, facing martyrdom by crucifixion, requested that his cross be inverted because he felt unworthy to die in the same manner as Christ. The upside-down cross, sometimes called the Cross of St. Peter or the Petrine cross, thus became a symbol of humility. The inverted cross is sometimes associated with the pope, who Catholics believe can trace his authority back to Peter. Artwork featuring the Petrine cross may contain an overlay of the “keys of heaven,” based on Matthew 16:19.

Recently, however, it is common for the upside-down cross to be used as a symbol of atheism, humanism, and the occult. Several black metal bands use an inverted cross to call attention to their supposed devotion to Satan. Upside-down crosses appear in horror movies such as The Omen and The Conjuring as a signal of demonic activity. The symbol crops up in tattoos, on pendants, and as a logo on t-shirts. Sometimes, it is accompanied by statements such as “Believe in Yourself,” “There Is No God,” “Black Mass,” or “Not Transformed.” In these contexts, the obvious intent of the inverted cross is to declare an opposition to Christianity. Turning the cross upside down becomes a means of denying the truth of Christ and mocking His sacrifice.

So, what is the meaning of an upside-down cross? It depends on the context. When the symbol is used in a church setting, it is most likely a reference to Peter and the manner of his death. In other contexts the inverted cross is often an anti-Christian symbol. In our fallen world, holiness is often mocked and what is good and pure is twisted by the “god of this age” (2 Corinthians 4:4). The cross, a symbol of Christ, is turned upside down to become a symbol of the devil.’

This specific arrangement feels somewhat like the jackle and hyde effect, with the flowers the dreams catchers then behind indicates a much more darker area to the location.

Attached is the Facebook lives I did when we had found this, signal was poor in this location at the time so please forgive me for the sound freezing and it cutting off but it does show the location and the find.

Here is the second part

Again set back, so set back that you wouldn’t perhaps notice it if you wasn’t looking for it, these are quite cleverly hidden away, and what spiritual practices actually do take place at these arrangements who knows but one thing we feel for sure is that witchcraft does exist within this location we just are not sure on which scale it is, as we investigate this location further we may hopefully be able to shed some light or darkness on the matter 😉 in the near future.

Reads ‘have a nice day’

Also attached is a echovox session which was taken place in this area Hoober Stand on the 30/7/16 by Knight Templar Paranormal.


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Charlene Lowe Kemps Find

Charlene Kemp.

Lee Steer account at Hoober

” After many years investigating Hoober stand, it’s properly the only place as a skeptic I feel somewhat on edge.”

The first strange encounter here was around 13 years ago. With two friends John and Phil had decided to explore hoober and investigate. On this particular night it wasn’t ghosts and the paranormal that we encountered but something id class as far more scarier.
We were walking up towards the stand and we seen what appeared to be 8-10 men dressed in hooded white coats towards us. As we came closer we felt somewhat uncomfortable and started to run the other way away from them to which they started to chase us. We managed to get away and quickly went home.

The day after, we again decided we would head back just to see if there was any evidence to what they may have been up to and what they may have not wanted us to see. What we found was a crow pinned to a tree, which had been butchered and its insides was out.

Throughout history a crow as been associated with both positive and negative symbolic meanings, but mainly is associated to bad omen, death and dark witchcraft.

This crow did appear to have been sacrificed and we believe it could have possibly been done by an occult and we may have caught them in the act.

‘ In occult theory a living creature is a storehouse of energy, and when it is killed most of this energy is suddenly liberated. The killing is done inside the circle to keep the animal’s energy in and concentrate it. The animal should be young, healthy and virgin, so that its supply of force has been dissipated as little as possible. The amount of energy let loose when the victim is killed is very great, out of all proportion to the animal’s size or strength, and the magician must not allow it to get out of hand. If he is unsure of himself or lets his concentration slacken, he may be overwhelmed by the force he has unleashed.’

John Ankerberg

Sacrifices normally take place as an offering to please or appease gods, spirits or the deceased.

Like I say I have investigated this location many times and the overall feel from mediums that have come here is that witchcraft does take place without me mentioning my encounter here.

Over the years myself, John and Phil have told many about this story. And for me each time I visit it unmasks something new.

Myself and Charlene decided to visit Hoober Stand one evening and Charlene Found a interesting find.


”This particular evening we decided to head over to hoober and have a look around it was still daylight and the place has a much better feel to it we thought.

We were quite surprised when we accidentally came across what we may believe is to be some kind of sacrifice alter as pictured above. This isnt easily to find and is very carefully hidden away to the eye. Many times I have walked past this area and its never stood out but like I say it is very cleverly hidden within the brushes and is set quite abit back. We literally found it out of pure chance. There is a flat surface at the top which appears there would be enough room for a person to lay and candles laid out around this area that had been lit at some point and the wax was over the rocks. Clearly in front of this is where a fire has been had. All indictions of witchcraft and dark arts.

On further investigation at the side of this we found a leather type pocket it wasn’t until further inspection of this we realised the shape and be labelled as a heavy duty axe.

This laid on top on the over growth but when we decided to uncover what was under this we actually found a Axe.

We have since been in contact with some investigators (phil and john) who know abit about occults/witchcraft and dark arts and decided we would take them to have a look, which their thoughts also is that this could very well be some kind of sacrifice alter.

So have we gained evidence to suggest that witchcraft does indeed exist within hoober, I will leave it up to you as the reader to decide :).

Just a warning to any investigators out there thinking of investigating this location, please do not go alone, please go in a large group and try to stay together because even if you do feel this may not be linked to this behaviour, someone somewhere knows of this place and someone has placed this item here and even if removed properly would hide other weapons around this location.”

Update 14/09/16

After releasing this article yesterday it has came to light by certain investigators who have studied the occult and have practised in such has suggested this may not just be a sacrifice alter but also could be a Sex magick Altar.

‘For people of you that don’t know this, the story of sex magick starts with the Knights in battle Templar. This is the Western origin of sex magick. In 1118 C.E it was the Templars’ objective to ensure that the pilgrims in the Middle East were guarded. The storyline from the Templars is extremely interesting when it comes to sex magick, they were said to have learned the sex magick from the ancient Indians. The secret information on Sex Magick was said to be passed to the Freemasons, then finally the Rosicrucians from the Templars.

The order of the temple of Jerusalem was really a protective group, the ensured that the pilgrims were protected in their travels. It is thought that money and riches came from both alchemy and “attraction” magic. There was also some reports that the Templars found treasure from King Solomon. In total members included around 30,000. Apparently the Frence king of France at the time, King Philip, was annoyed at the rate of wealth of the Templars, thus, he accused them of being evil. Worshipping Saturn and the most important accusation: carrying out evil sex acts.  He reported to Pope Clement that the Templars were carrying out sex magick and therefore many Templars were burned or tourched. Not a great start to the definition to Sex magick, but this was the story.’


Pictured below is a sex magick alter..this is what they typically look like. I think with this for us we feel it is one of the above if not both.



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​Do you believe in Faeries? And My Journey to Ireland with Barry Fitzgerald

By Claire Barrand

If somebody had asked me this question a year ago, I would have answered them with a pretty self-assured “no”! As a believer in the afterlife and the paranormal I have seen some pretty convincing evidence as to the existence of ghosts of course… but Tinkerbell?  Fairy’s, Faerie, goblins, elves, nature spirits. Call them what you like (more on this later) but no – I believed that silver winged little folk are nothing more than the creation of over active imaginations and the superstitious folklore of our ancestors. But are they? Just recently I wrote an article for my local paper about the folklore in the area I live in Clydach Gorge South Wales U.K, a magical place said to have inspired Shakespeare to write “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and it got me thinking. No physical evidence of fairies has ever been confirmed to exist, although there are many photographs and accounts, most of which seem to be hoaxes as we have come to expect in the world of supernatural, so despite the stories and eyewitness accounts, why do so many people still believe in them? And why is the proof as to whether they did or still do exist remain teasingly at arm’s length?

If you were to research how far back people believed in the existence of fairies, or as I prefer to refer to them as, “Fae”, then you will find yourself going back in history for many centuries, possibly even before time was recorded. In Irish history it was suggested that a race of beings called The Formorians existed before humans and they came in many guises. Ancient text from the middle east also tell of a race of beings that lived in the world before humans and they believed they were banished to another realm out of our sight, these were known as The Djinn (Arabic word meaning hidden. The little folk are an integral part of American Indian folklore and indeed in many cultures all over the world have their own versions of “being” all of them with startling similarities. The Victorians of course made the traditional image of the fairies popular and this is where the depictions of them being beautiful winged flower fairies perhaps comes from.

So what are Fae? How were they described by those witnesses? Most of you will already have an idea in your mind’s eye as to how they look however a close study of the fairy lore around Britain and Ireland seems to reveal that they actually differ from area to area. Some may be described as tall, some minute however the general consensus seems to be that they are like small human about 4 feet high, and to complicate things even further, it is believed that some have shape shifting ability and can choose how they appear to you.  Clothing has been noted as well and they can be dressed in all colours, cloaks and hats and capes have also been seen often they have a “scruffy” appearance. Many eye witness accounts describe simply seeing strange lights and in a book written by Janet Bond “Fairies – real life encounters with little people” she examines the close similarities between UFO sightings, Angels and Fae. Let’s for a moment just forget the many terms and names we give them, and consider, could ALL the phenomena we are hearing about worldwide, including some possible things put down to ghost sightings, actually be one and the same thing? It is an interesting concept that author and scriptwriter and Ghost Hunters International star Barry Fitzgerald also has spent recent years researching and he believes that the broad spectrum of names given to the little folk – aliens, fairies elves could indeed be describing the same thing, and that undeniably makes their existence far more widespread than you might imagine.

Where can we start to look for Fae then, where do they exist? There are many pre-historic sites, earth mounds, cairns and forts that were believed to have been doorways to the underworld where the Fae lived underground which would be a good place to start, as strong links with the realm of the Fae were suggested here. Often even named after the folklore surrounding them, there are many Fairy Hills or Fairy Mounts, possibly because these were burial grounds and fairies were believed to have been the spirits of the departed. Lewis Spence, a Scottish journalist, poet, author, folklorist and occult scholar, explained in his book “British Fairy Origins” that the ghosts of the dead were believed to dwell in the standing stones which marked burial places and he gave numerous examples of the association between Fae and these ancient stones. Another dominant theme however in the theory about Fae is that they are often helpful to us humans (miners believed in hobgoblins for example that would guide them to coal and help with their little pick axes) however they also have the potential to be wicked and malicious and would retaliate should their sacred territory be interfered with. Also forest and woodlands protected by the woodland association with trees that grow across pathways and protected species of plants are a very good place to begin your search. A word of warning however. It is widely recognised that people should not attempt to follow Fae into these dwellings and also that one did not destroy or alter in any way their surroundings, especially trees thought to be associated with the Fae including hazel, blackthorns, elder as the consequences if you did would be terrible.

I was honoured and excited to be included in a weekend with Barry Fitzgerald, along with my sister and partner in crime Linzi and a small team of people to join in with an exciting new project called Legend Seekers. In Ireland we were to visit an ancient hill fort called Knocknashee Common to investigate the many sightings of Fae in the area and have to say it has completely changed my entire perception of the paranormal and opened my eyes to the possibilities that yes Fae indeed do exist in our world. This is an extract of my account of the weekend as I have written for The Abergavenny Chronicle, and take from it what you will, however remember this. We are only limited by our own perceptions.

“In his book “Searching The Sidhe” (Sidhe pronounced Shee – an old Irish term meaning fairy, hill folk or other world being) Barry demonstrates the common threads that exist in the folklore of cultures all around the world, and he explains how the stories passed down to us from our ancestors, the clues that they left us via cave art and ancient testaments, the symbolism carved into stones and the wisdom they left us, and has become lost. Our world of technology has depleted our senses and created a distraction to the possibility of another realm, yet the likelihood still remains that these strange beings or entities whom enter our world via a thin veil from another dimension exist to this day… and the signs are still here for those that are willing to look.

As we boarded the plane at Bristol airport we were filled with anticipation, not knowing what to expect. Our paranormal journey so far has taken us to many exciting locations within the U.K but has always been principally about proving the existence of ghosts and the afterlife. The idea that we were now going to be looking for Faeries was new to us both and I have to admit, I didn’t know if I really believed in them, yet here we were, about to be camping for two nights in whatever weather the Irish sky had planned for us, in ‘Knocknashee’. Situated in the Ox mountains in County Sligo this is a former Neolithic hill fort which has the remains of approximately 38 buildings and two cairns (three if you count the one that appears and disappears according to local stories). Reports of strange lights and tales of the Fae first drew Barry here to investigate two years ago and his findings were so startling he wrote about the experiences in his book.

After landing in Knock, we hired a car and set out with our ‘just under 15k” baggage allowance – no hair straighteners allowed on this trip! I remembered apprehensively that we were asked to sign a waiver of liability which included the phase.

“any injury to my person or property, missing equipment, physical or mental consequences arising from supernatural activity witnessed by me, alien abduction, Faery abduction or missing time.”

I had nervously laughed and said to Barry, “loving the clause about Faerie abduction!”


“I wouldn’t laugh” he replied.


We arrived at base camp – Gillingham’s World, which is a tourist attraction owned by Melody Urquhart, who closed the park for the weekend and joined us with her pug cross Evie. Melody is a wonderful lady whose passion for her Irish inheritance has seen her painstakingly transform the land around the hill into a magical place with an enchanted glade, picnic areas and botanical gardens all filled with faerie statues. It hardly seems the place for anything darker than Tinkerbell and her cute friends and I couldn’t have felt less afraid at that time surrounded by the delights of fairyland.

We were joined by Barry’s lovely wife Donna and his faithful dog Max, best friend and fellow investigator Damian Denver, as well as a handful of other likeminded guests, and we bonded quickly as a group. Relaxed by the company I felt only positive anticipation as we began the investigation by hiking up the steep hill to the top of the fort, just before night fall where activity is said to be at its height. It seemed surreal as we were met by the most stunning full rainbow which ended right there at the top of the hill surrounded by panoramic views of the most stunning scenery. Nobody could fail to be enchanted by all this and it occurred to me that should a few leprechauns appear out of the hillside and begun to dance it wouldn’t have surprised me at all right at that moment in time!

As a paranormal investigator, I usually carry plenty of manufactured equipment with me, spirit boxes, K2s, cameras and Mel meters, technology created to capture evidence of those other worldly things. This time however we were told to simply observe. Not interested in arguing and trying to prove our findings with closed minds any more, we left behind the devices gadgets and gizmos and practised using only our natural perceptions.

I then witnessed what I thought maybe were child sized people popping their heads up and down on the horizon, always just within my peripheral vision, however until another member of the party also commented that they were seeing the same thing I had written it off as “tricks of the light”. The group then split into two and as we remained stood on one cairn, four went to examine the second Cairn about 200 yards away. They remained within sight as they walked away from us getting smaller and smaller whilst the weather closed in on us escorted by the darkness, throwing rain and a bitter wind into the mix. After about half an hour, the two members of our group who were facing the second cairn commented that the other group must have moved very fast as they were now walking towards us from an entirely different direction from the left of the hill, yet there were only three of them. On second glance however the group of four were back to the right of the cairn and walking towards us and the three they had seen some distance away had inexplicably disappeared. Considering we had a six-mile panoramic view of the area this was deemed as a mystery indeed. The group on returning said they had not seen any other walkers on the hill but they had heard a shout of “BARRY!” coming from our direction however, not one of us had called out to them.

Time to descend the now perilously dark hill with its steep incline came, and cold, wet but with adrenaline keeping us enthused we trekked back down, head torches and the solar light trail we had placed on the way up lead us down safely to base camp, however our plans for a campfire were now disappointingly cancelled due to the inclement weather.

That night Linzi and I snugged down in our three-man tent, grateful to be warm and cosy again and with ear plugs to block out the howling wind, however a peaceful night’s sleep was not intended for me that night.

I was woken by the sensation of two hands roughly shoving me from the outside of the tent. Disorientated, it took me a few seconds to remember where I was and I scrambled for the torch, finding myself pushed right over into Linzi. Taking out the earplugs revealed that the weather outside was still extreme and it was just after 3am. Call me a wimp, but I had a creeping feeling that told me not to open the tent and I genuinely felt trepidation at the thought that what had woken me up was still lurking out there.  I did manage to talk myself into the notion that I had dreamt the whole thing and managed to go back to sleep, only to be woken again not long after by a hard tap on my left foot. Linzi told me she had felt something push her also but she had managed to go back to sleep. Grateful for the morning light to come we were to soon find out that several others in our party reported the same thing happening to them also. Barry recalled hearing strange footfall close to his tent, a two footed creature that made an unearthly breathing sound, unlike a fox or a badger, and oddly one that increased in activity each time the rain intensified.

That afternoon we were party to to a three-hour long talk by Barry, in which he went into depth about the history of the Fae, and theorised about these entities, giving examples of why us as humans should respect their existence and not become involved in their affairs. Clearly Fae are not the depiction that Walt Disney might have us imagine, as he uncovered true life sightings and dark accounts, and he told of some recent accounts of consequences for those that crossed the line.

That evening we had planned another hike to the top of Knocknashee Common, however the weather had yet again taken a turn for the worse, and this time it was unsafe to even attempt to climb the 45-degree hill, as thick fog rolled around the mountains and storms threatened high up on the hill, we decided that a campfire with ghost stories would be both safer and preferable.

It was odd that the Irish elements had decided to grant us a clear and starry sky after about 10pm, when all around us I could still hear torrential rain, but who would question it as we were simply enraptured by the fireside tales told to us by Barry in his melodic Irish accent. A down to earth, honest man who is passionate about his vocation in which has travelled the world not only to appear in all 57 episodes of Ghost Hunters International, but to investigate and research and write several books about his experiences, and as a result he has countless stories to tell. We were truly captivated. After 1am, as the embers of our fire choked out its last sparks, four of the team retired to their tents. Two of them reported that they heard someone running up behind them on the gravel and assuming it was one of us not wanting to walk back to camp alone, they turned around only to find nobody there.

The rest of us remained accompanied by the two dogs, Max and Evie who had remained sleeping soundly all evening beside the comfort of the fire, and they suddenly put up heckles, and began to growl at a dark area to the side of us, a small steep overgrown woodland area. The earth there was knotted with tree roots and wild ferns, and was fenced off to people and animals. This is where something strange happened, witnessed by seven of us, that we will never forget. One tiny light appeared in the woods… and then another. Soon we found ourselves watching a light show, and these were lights that danced and flickered, faded, flashed and rocketed like nothing I have ever witnessed before. These were not insects, moths or fireflies. I cannot find the words to describe it to you as a reader, as nothing I could say would give you a true enough depiction of what we were seeing. Perhaps this is because it was also accompanied by a sense, one that we were being shown something that was incredible. We didn’t have to go searching for the Fae, because they came to us. We did not rush to get our cameras because that would have meant missing a second of this supernatural spectacle that we had all come so far to find out about. During the activity we all were seeing dark much larger shapes moving closer around us on the ground, and as we shone a torch in their direction, they would disappear but these shapes were accompanied by a feeling of fear, enough to stop us following further – the dogs were certainly not happy, and this continued for about an hour longer.  

Our weekend concluded the next morning, we slept undisturbed that night thankfully nobody encountered any further negative presence in our camp. We flew home feeling quite astounded and it has taken us a fair few days to process what we actually experienced.”

It has certainly changed something in my thought process. I have lost my eagerness for technical and elaborate ghost hunting equipment and my desire to get outdoors and sit quietly at nightfall somewhere quiet to observe something really supernatural for my own personal curiosity has been ignited.

We are so obsessed with our electronic paraphernalia, iPhones and cameras and infrared this that and the other, that we have forgotten to use the finest piece of equipment we have. Our intuition and our senses. Our eyesight is limited; we only have a very small spectrum – so let’s not trust that alone. The hairs that go up on the back of your neck, the pounding of your heart when you walk into an area, the hesitation you get before opening a door or turning to look behind you? That’s your greatest tool. You won’t find me spending hours going through EVP footage much more, because from now on if I experience something then I will write about it, document it and tell my children about it. I want the folklore we have been gifted with to remain so that the stories don’t get lost in this world of congested, cynical and uninspired minds.

For further information regarding Barry Fitzgerald’s work visit


Claire Barrand

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Poltergeist Phenomena: Mischievous Spirits or Misplaced Energy?

By David Fox

”…in the nineteenth century, investigators of poltergeist phenomena observed that children are usually present, and one of them often seems to be the ‘focus’ of the disturbance…”

Colin Wilson


Poltergeists are infamous in all cultures

In early August 2016 police were summoned to a property on Stonelaw Road, Rutherglen, Scotland. A series of bizarre disturbances had been reported, and the highly experienced officers were soon to be confronted with a profoundly perplexing situation. Doors opened and closed by their own accord, clothing was hurled through the air by unseen hands, and the pet dog mysteriously levitated on top of a seven foot hedge. Naturally the events caused extreme distress for both tenants and police officers alike. A more detailed account of this case can be found on The Metro website, 13th August 2016: Police Witness Paranormal Events.

Such phenomena are commonly grouped under the term of ‘Poltergeist’ activity (which comes from the German for ‘noisy ghost’). These mischievous spirits are said to be responsible for a myriad of weird occurrences such as: moving furniture, creating disturbing sounds, switching on and off electrical appliances, and even physically attacking people and animals. Acclaimed Occult author Colin Wilson identified these actions to be the ‘basic characteristics of the poltergeist’ and noted that they always form the same ‘pattern’. Indeed, perhaps what makes them so disturbing is that, unlike traditional ghosts, they do not assume any particular shape or form. Poltergeists can merely be described as ‘forces’ or mysterious ‘energies’ which happen to linger around particular people – normally young children or adolescents.


Tobe Hooper’s cult classic raised awareness of poltergeist phenomenon

Tobe Hooper’s cult movie ‘Poltergeist’ (1982) propelled this troublesome type of spirit into the popular contemporary mainstream. The young daughter in the movie was very much the focus of the paranormal activity which occurred in and around the family home. However, just six years prior to the movie’s release, the story of the Enfield Poltergeist in the UK had caused an international sensation. Peggy Hodgson and her children were plagued by such activity at their home in the north eastern borough of London. Strange forces shifted heavy furniture, slammed doors and a police officer even observed an arm chair move unaided across the floor. Perhaps one of the most disturbing images of poltergeist phenomena is that of Janet Hodgson (Peggy’s daughter) being thrown violently through the air in her bedroom. The case was examined thoroughly be a variety of agencies and, although Peggy’s daughters admitted playing tricks at times, much of the phenomena cannot be conclusively explained.


One of the most disturbing images of poltergeist activity – The Enfield Poltergeist

Since antiquity, the poltergeist has made an appearance in the folklore of virtually every culture throughout the world. Stone throwing was usually the first indication that such a spirit was present, and it could even occur during daylight hours. The curious tale of The Drummer of Tedworth in 1661 is one of the oldest documented accounts of this phenomenon in the British Isles. The musician had his instrument confiscated and held at a local house which caused a variety of chaotic incidents to take place. It was only when the drum was returned to its owner and he was promptly instructed to leave town that the disturbances ceased.

Indeed, there are countless eye-witness accounts and tales of poltergeist activity in the media every year. This raises the question of what actually causes such phenomena to occur – surely there must be a logical explanation behind all of this? We live in an age of unbridled technological advancement, and queer notions of malevolent spirits seem somewhat medieval and outdated to say the least. Perhaps poltergeist activity can be explained as an aspect of what Colin Wilson termed ‘Faculty X’? This is the term he gave to the largely latent range of exceptional faculties human beings may possess – but of which we are presently unaware. Could it be that poltergeist activity is actually ‘created’ in some way by excessive energy which has built up in and around the sphere of certain individuals?

Like many free-thinkers, Wilson believed that the overwhelming majority of human beings are unaware of the massive potential which exists within their psyches. The state of the contemporary adult could be easily compared to a toddler sitting at the controls of a jumbo jet. We have yet to fully appreciate just how powerful the human species can become and how limited our current state of consciousness actually is. If poltergeist activity really is created by individual persons, it could be grouped in with other phenomena such as telekinesis (the capability to move physical objects using the mind), premonitions (predicting future events in dreams and visions) and thaumaturgy (the ability to heal others at will).

David Fox is a professional free-lance writer and entertainer who lives in the UK. Visit his website to find out more about him: David Fox Magic.

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​Zozo The Demon Of The Ouija Board: Fact Or Fiction?

By Ian Ainsley 

Before I start on this subject, for those of you that don’t know me my name is Ian and I am a Paranormal Investigator of 20 years and a Demonologist of 11 years. I am part of two paranormal teams Knights Templar Paranormal Order and Project Paranormal. I have many books that relate to demonology yet none of them list this supposed demonic entity known as Zozo. This sparked my interest to start digging into why exactly a demonic entity or should I say a ‘supposed’ demonic entity that is said to have been documented in the 18th Century is not mentioned in any of the scriptures(books) on the subject of demons.

Zozo described as one of the most powerful demons ever to be known so much so that some theories on Zozo is that it’s Lucifer himself.

Zozo is reportedly first believed to have been documented in the 18th century and is said to be mentioned in the dictionnaire Infernal an 1818 published book on demonology. The dictionnaire infernal lists 65 demons none of which are named or nicknamed Zozo. 

So fact number one is that the claim of when this entity was ‘supposedly’ first encountered is false and the claim of where this entity is documented is false. The story of Zozo is slowly starting to unfold. 

The first actual account of an encounter with Zozo first found its way onto the Internet in 2009 by a man named Darren Wayne Evans who claims to be a self professed Zozologist (An expert on the entity Zozo).

 I find it very compelling that the first encounter started circulating the Internet in 2009 for one reason alone and that is it would be a perfect time three years before the release of a film called I Am Zozo (known in the UK as Are You There?) if stories were circulated before the films release of supposed real life encounters with this entity for promotional purposes. Also films are a long process to make so 2009 the film would have already have been in production. 

Darren Wayne Evans from Oklahoma also happens to appear in the film as ‘himself’ (a Zozologist). I don’t know about you but already I’m starting to see it’s all adding up.

From there on out the seed was planted and suddenly a mass of people started doing Ouija Board sessions and supposedly contacting Zozo from there. Now as the seed had already been planted by a few circulated ‘accounts’ of encounters with the Zozo entity it’s not hard to imagine that subconsciously a lot of people would be moving the planchette themselves without realising it and getting the name Zozo spelled out. 

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that the Ouija Board isn’t a legitimate way of contacting the spirit world but what I am saying is suggestion and subconscious thought can play a big part in the results obtained, which is why as a paranormal investigator I won’t use Ouija Boards as there are too many false positives to produce it as actual evidence like for example the subconscious mind sending electrical impulses that you may not even be aware of that can cause a involuntary movement to happen and then of course there is the reason that Ouija Board evidence is easily faked. 

As hype and popularity in the accounts of encounters with Zozo grew suddenly a surge of investigators and investigation teams who are after more viewers, more subscribers and more likes of their shows suddenly started making contact with Zozo through Ouija Boards helping spread what started as a mere modern day urban legend into a much talked about and much believed in demonic entity.

Verdict- Zozo is the creation of Hollywood and not a real demon.

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Crying Boy: Rebirth of the Curse??

​The Curse of the Crying Boy Painting started in Rotherham and it is coming back!! 

Will it be the rebirth of the Curse?? 

We are looking for anyone who would like to have the painting for a upcoming project we have, we will be doing a documentary regarding the history of it and about those who have chosen to study the painting and if any activity occured while it was in their prescene, Please give us a message if this interests you.

The Curse of the Crying Boys Paintings

The History and theory behind it all:

In England, 1985, a series of bizarre fires broke out, destroying many homes and businesses. The link between the fires was a collection of paintings, known as ‘Crying Boys’. Out of the devastation of each fire, only the paintings would survive, and soon, they would be labelled as ‘cursed’.

Bruno Amadio, an academically trained painter, was working as a painting restorer in Venice, when he created his series that became known as ‘Crying Boys’. These paintings, of which at least 65 were made, all featured young boys, who stared straight out of the picture, with tears welling in their eyes and rolling down their cheeks.

The pictures were created for tourists visiting post world war two Venice, the significance being that the paintings showed the sorrow of the children who had been recently orphaned due to the war.

Eventually, some of these paintings were brought to England, mass produced and sold in shopa and department stores at a cheap price. More than 50,000 copies of the paintings made their way into people’s houses all across England.

In September 1985, British newspaper ‘The Sun’ ran a report on some strange happenings surrounding the Crying Boy paintings.

The article told the story of Ron and May Hall’s home of 27 years, in Rotherham, which was destroyed by a devastating fire. The fire was started when an unattended frying pan caught a light and the house went along with it.

The strange thing was that only one item seemed to have survived the blaze. Found amongst the ashes and ruin was a frame, the painting within was face down on the floor, and only slightly scorched. The Crying Boy had survived the fire somehow.

Ron Hall’s brother was a fire-fighter, and he told how several houses had burned to the ground, and that the sole remaining item was a copy of The Crying Boy, found intact, lying face down on the floor.

He also insinuated that fire-fighters believed the painting to be cursed, and that none would hang the picture in their homes. One fire station officer Alan Wilkinson had logged more than fifty ‘Crying Boy’ fires.

With The Sun’s large reader base, and the fact that more than 50,000 copies of The Crying Boy were hanging in British homes, a fear in the curse quickly spread.

Many readers told their stories through the paper, and various other papers around the country. The story was always the same, soon after the picture found its way into a home, a fire broke out, destroying everything except the picture itself.

Several readers also wrote in, explaining that after they had read about the curse, they attempted to destroy their copies of the paintings. They attempted to burn them in their garden incinerators, but the painting failed to burn.

Soon after a ‘Crying Boy’ fire had gutted an Italian Restaurant, The Sun ran a story encouraging readers to send them their copy of the paintings, if they felt fear from the curse. The sun organised mass bonfires for the burning of the paintings, and soon over two thousand had finally gone up in flames. Although they were not easy to burn, they did eventually succumb to the fire and flames.

Soon other methods for lifting the curse of the painting came to light, such as handing the painting to another (thereby giving them the curse), or hanging the picture alongside a painting containing a crying girl.

The stories of the fires began to smoulder, and the series of events relegated to the status of legend. However, the question still is ‘If the paintings were indeed somehow causing or enabling fires to take place, what force could be behind it?

There are several stories behind the legend of the painting itself. One states that the models for the various crying boys were orphans who, soon after the paintings were completed, died in a orphanage fire. 

Another version is that Bruno Amadio, also known as Bragolin, had fled to Spain soon after the end of World War Two. Here Amadio met a young boy named Don Bonillo, a mute orphan who had seen his parents perish in a house fire during the war.

Amadio soon adopted the boy, although he was warned off of doing so by a local priest, the boy being the centre of many mysterious fires that broke out wherever he went. The boy was known locally as the devil child.

Amadio refused to believe such stories, and the new family did well, Amadios paintings were selling well, and the two were living easy.

Unfortunately, one day Amadio found that his house and studio had burned to the ground. Remembering the priest’s warnings, he immediately blamed Don and kicked him out of the family. Don Bonillo was not heard from again until 1976, and surrounding another bizarre event.

Just outside of Barcelona a car smashed into a wall and burst into flames. The driver was killed and was so horrifically burned; he was not able to be identified. However, upon investigation back at the police yard, the glove compartment was pried open. There, among burned items, was an untouched driver’s license. The name on the license was Don Bonillo.

It is said all of Amadio’s paintings of crying boys were cursed by the memory of Don Bonillo.

Unfortunately, all of the facts of this story can not be 100% confirmed. Bruno Amadio, the painter, died in 1981, the truth of this story has also gone with him.

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My First Ghost Encounter: Who was that Man?

By Roy Hale

Who was that man ?

When I was first approached by paranormal magazine ” Project Reveal ” to write an article for their online magazine, I was told I could write about either any of my UFOs or ghost experiences I may have had, or UFOs and ghosts in general,  so I am going to tell you about my very first ghost encounter ! 

Before I do begin with my story, please let me introduce myself to you, my name is Roy Hale and  I am the editor and owner of ” The Lost Haven website, which incorporates Down To Earth UFO Online Magazine ” I am also one of the cofounders of ELUFON ( Essex and London UFO Network) which investigated UFO sighting cases across East London and Essex mostly in the mid 90s to the mid to late 2000s, although recently some of its original members have been active on skywatches over parts of eastern England. Also to mention, I have appeared and been interviewed over the years in numerous media outlets, TV (CH4 – BBC ) , radio (BBC )  and magazines  and with this I have witnessed the change in the UFO and paranormal scene as the introduction of social media * youtube and alike *  has become more prominent and made it easier for people to view, and to also upload their own captured footage of UFOs, spectres, weird creatures and all kinds of phenomena which I must admit even make me gasp at their sheer oddity ! ) So now we know each other…let me continue on what I consider to be a life journey of very odd and quirky happenings !

My very first ghostly sighting happened when I was 12 years old, I was the kind of teenager who liked adventure a lot ( I am a Sagittarius so that should tell you everything about my adventure side ) and so with that in mind  here is what occurred on that weird day. 

I was on my way back from my local playing fields ( Hackney marshes, Hackney East London) as I used to go there quite often  with friends and family, being a  great space for us kids at the time to run around and also explore, so this time I had just left my friends just before I reached the library and I was walking along past the local library when I decided than rather to carry on straight down the high street towards my block of flats ( I lived in Bannister House, Homerton at the time ) I would take the shortcut past the old church and head down the back alley which was adjacent to the church and which also ran parallel with the kids adventure playground, a place I used to frequently inhabit as it was such a fun place to be at ! So I crossed over from the library and walked over towards the old church, and I began to walk past the old church wall at the back of the church.

( wall was about 2.5ft in height with added old metal black Victorian fencing embedded within the stone wall to make it a little  harder for people to just hop over –  Also NOTE:  I have managed to screen capture a few images of how St Barnabas church on Homerton high street is today, and you can clearly see the back of the church where I was and the layout of how it looked back then, remarkably unchanged after all these years * )

The time was around 4.45pm to 5pm, so it would be considered early evening, but as the above picture shows more or less I had the same kind of view as seen in the picture, not too overcast and still with some adequate light to my view, so anyhow as I began to walk past the wall I noticed out of the corner of my eye a figure at the back of the church where all the old graves were and he looked as if he was digging out earth from the ground ? I turned to look at him for about ten seconds, and then not taking anything else into account I carried on walking down the back of the church (see below picture ) 

when as I was quarter of the way down the back of the church road, it suddenly dawned on me that the church had stopped burying people in its ground many years ago ! With that I ran back to the church wall to take another look towards the back of the church to see if I could spot this figure again ? And to my utter shock there was no one there to be seen ? I was besides myself with many feelings, shock being one, interpretation of the unknown that I had just witnessed, a little sacred too but also overwhelming curiosity ! So with all those feelings boiling up inside of me, I placed both hands on the small black fence on the wall and lifted myself over into the church grounds, I immediately began to walk over to the old graves at the back of the churchyard to see if this character I had seen ( DESCRIPTION: he was wearing a classic grey 1920s flat cap, with a white shirt rolled up at the sleeves, black trousers and bracers ) was still around?  So there I was walking around the old graves from the early 20s and Victorian period looking for any sign of any kind of movement, from either a new grave being dug or an old grave being dug up, but I could find nothing, all I could find at the back of the wall was old branches that had fallen from the trees just laying in a semi piled naturally scattered bunch, like they had fallen off the tree over time and the wind and elements had moved them along the graves over a period of time. 

Now please bear in mind, I was just 12 at the time, so my investigatory powers was at a  very minimal start at that age, but I must admit I actually did feel a run of adrenalin once I started walking towards the back of those graves, not because I was heading into a collection of old graves, ( that for some unexplained reason didn’t phase me so much at the time), but I now feel it was because I was waiting for this chap who I had seen digging at the earth to suddenly appear at me and say ” boo” or something to like that, because that would have sent me running back to the church wall I can tell you !

I stayed in the churchyard grounds for about ten minutes, I walked from one end to the other looking for earth movement, any signs or clues I could get to back up what my eyes had clearly seen, but there was nothing, and I must admit I felt a little let down, because not only had I seen the man very clearly, but his actions were so precise in what he was doing, he looked committed shall we say, he had a reason or purpose to be there and doing what he was doing, and the fact that he wasn’t there once I had hopped over the wall to check, was beginning to confound on me terribly, I mean I had actually realised that I had seen something utterly mystifying , and something that could not be qualified by my mind at that very time, believe me I have mulled over this experience from time to time and tried to rationalise the visual of the man and place the sighting of this ghost into some form of rational perspective, but if you see a full grown figure dressed albeit in very old looking clothes and suddenly too and especially at such a young age of 12, it does make one feel at odds with the world around you, by that I mean; I saw him and no one else did, so I still battle within myself to try to figure out, who was he? What was he doing ? Was he the  vision of a time trapped ghost who was a gravedigger from the 1920s or possibly earlier? Why was I allowed to see him ? Was this a chance luck sighting of a window into the past ? Had anyone else seen him before? Would people think I was a little crazy if I told them about him? Well to answer the last point, I actually got home that day and spoke to my mum, I told her I had seen a ghost that day on the way back from the hackney marshes and it was in the back of the old St Barnabas Church near the playground, she asked me , what did the ghost look like, I described what he was wearing and his actions, wearing a typical flat gray cap of the 1920s, white shirt rolled up to the sleeves with bracers on it and black trousers, and it was the answer that my mum gave me that settled me right there and then, she said ” well, you may have just seen a ghost because it sounds like you spotted an out of date looking man doing something unusual in the back of the graveyard. ” but my mum said to me, just keep it quiet for now and let it be, telling too many people might make them laugh at you for all the wrong reasons, by that I think she meant I wouldn’t want to go through my teenage years having to constantly tell people what I had seen in great detail, only to have them ridicule me about it after I had finished, so I lived with it for many years, I have told a few close friends over the years but I now accept it as  a ghostly unexplained figure of the past who was seen by me  doing something to the earth in that graveyard that even today I still cannot explain.

Roy Hale.


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A guide to the  history of the Church of St Barnabas can be found at the below link:

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Dabbling With Demons


Andy Owens 

Long Can is an award-winning, seventeenth century, Grade II listed building, set on the outskirts of Halifax, West Yorkshire. 

With its mullioned windows and fine stone façade, it looks every bit the traditional English manor, but as we drove towards it, up a steep hill and along a country lane, at the dead of night, I couldn’t help thinking of the Marston House in Salem’s Lot.


My friend Chris, whose business partner had converted Long Can into a pub, had arranged for us to spend an evening there on a ghost hunt, as research for my new book – my next international worst-seller – and had made only one condition: that we experiment with a Ouija board.

‘I’m not playing Ouija!’

‘Why not?’

‘It’s evil!’

‘Don’t be such a wuss!’

‘I’m having nothing to do with it!’

‘Let me get this straight. You’re prepared to spend nights in haunted houses, hunting for ghosts and spirits – which, incidentally, don’t exist – and yet you don’t want to communicate with them?’

When Chris put it like that, I could see his point. What was the point of ghost hunting, armed to the tootsies with cameras and tape-recorders, if I wilfully avoided Ouija – the most commonly acknowledged form of communication between mankind and the spirit world?

But I had a question for him.

‘Bearing in mind that you don’t believe in the supernatural, what would you do if the Ouija board worked?’

Chris thought about this.

‘Then I would have to revise my ideas,’ he said.

So here I was, sacrificing my safe and comfortable existence to invasion by otherworldly forces. Dark denizens from distant dimensions could merrily strut their phantom foxtrot into my home, my mind, my very soul. A veritable legion of spirits, spooks and the entire cast of Rent-a-Ghost would follow me home and I would be forever goaded by ghosts, hounded by hauntings and plagued by poltergeists. And all these spiritual shenanigans just to afford Chris the opportunity to ‘revise’ his ideas. I didn’t like the sound of this at all. 

Like everyone else, I had heard bad things about Ouija.

Even cynics, who scoff at the supernatural and giggle at ghosts, will turn deathly silent at its mere mention. Their hoots of derision will quickly die away, as they cross themselves like devout worshippers and refuse even to discuss it. Ouija is far from a board game, they will argue. It is snakes and ladders for devils and demons. 

Recently, I had accompanied a paranormal research group to a haunted pub, which was ‘licensed to serve spirits’ (yawn), and we had all sat round a table with our fingers on a glass, encircled by letters from the alphabet, together with cards marked ‘Y’ and ‘N’ for Yes and No. 

This was termed Glass Divination – a method of spiritual communication – employed by many research groups. And I can’t recall anyone quaking like a jackhammer at the mere thought of it.

But how is this different from Ouija? As far as I can see, they are exactly the same.

How come Glass Divination is viewed as an acceptable paranormal experiment, while Ouija attracts evil beyond belief, inviting The Twilight Zone to set up camp in your lounge and Satan to build a bunk-house in your brain?

None of this made any kind of sense to me – or Chris.

He related how he had played Ouija at his own home with a couple of friends – and the glass had moved.

‘A-ha!’ I cried triumphantly.

‘A-ha nothing,’ replied Chris. ‘My mate was pushing it. You could tell. Besides, if there are evil spirits in my house, then they’ve been very quiet. Nothing weird has happened. If they were hurling my bed around the room, then I must have slept right through it, ’cos I didn’t feel a thing.’

Despite my objections, Chris had argued me out of the ring, like a linguistic Mike Tyson. So I had no choice but to agree.

I had originally heard of Long Can, many full moons ago, while researching for my first book. Webster’s Brewery, who used to own the building and used it as their visitor’s centre, suggested I contact the catering manageress, who had reported some spooky happenings. 

Sarah Thornton told me how she had heard a door open on the floor above, followed by the sound of footsteps, but when she investigated, there was no one there. A waitress had seen the image of a grey lady vanishing through the floorboards, and a cleaner had been tapped on the shoulder in the toilets while she was alone.

I had suggested that we invite a psychic to the house but Chris said we would be better without them. There is little more frustrating than a psychic saying they can sense a presence, when nobody else can see or sense anything. We wanted an impartial investigation without psychics, dowsing rods or a book of spells in sight.

Long Can was originally two cottages designed by local clothier James Murgatroyd, but was later converted into one large building. Now, it had now been entirely renovated, since Websters moved out, but there was still no furniture other than two chairs and a small table. And this was what worried me the most. For these are the furnishings of Ouija.

Once we had figured out which key fitted which door, we entered the main room. Leaving our equipment there, we set about stalking the house from top to bottom, unlocking further doors and switching on lights as we went, to get a feel for the place. 

For all his scepticism – no doubt partly fuelled by our ghost-free night at Chingle Hall, in Lancashire, (Britain’s most haunted) nine years previously – I admired the extent to which Chris had prepared for the vigil. He had printed out all the letters of the alphabet, all cut-out neatly onto squared paper, together with two larger squares with the words Yes and No printed on them.

Chris surmised that if he was wrong, if there were such things as ghosts, and they wanted to communicate, to relate a message from the other side, to warn us to leave Long Can immediately, with our tails (firmly intact) between our legs, never to return, or even – I hoped – give us the next winning Lotto numbers, then we would need a proper surface, to enable the glass to glide with ease. 

Chris wanted nothing – absolutely nothing – to stand in the way of supernatural communication. And then, if still nothing happened, it would confirm his view that all this Ouija stuff was a load of supernatural stinkers.

My thoughts turned to my writing.

‘If nothing ghostly happens, this will make a very short chapter,’ I said.

Chris sighed. 

‘Nothing ghostly is going to happen wherever you go, so it’s going to be a very short book.’

We each leaned forwards, placing fingers on the upturned glass, in the centre of the makeshift Ouija board, and took it in turns to utter the immortal line ‘Is Anybody There?’ punctuated by expectant pauses of anticipation.

‘Is There Anybody There?’


‘Is There Anybody There?’


After about fifteen minutes of this – and we had given any resident spirit the most blatant opportunity to get in touch – we brought the session to an end and packed up ready to go.

As we locked the outer door, and made our way to the car, we each cast an instinctive (hopeful?) look to the darkened windows, expecting to see someone or something that shouldn’t be there, but there was nothing but transparent glass reflecting the shadowy interior.

As we drove back home, Chris nodded in satisfaction. He had now spent two nights ghost-hunting. One playing the ’evil’ board game Ouija, and one in the most haunted house in England. And – as he expected – nothing had happened. 

Stinkers had won hands down.

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Exposed: Para Police: Bullying within the Paranormal Field

Bullying and harassment in the Paranormal Field: EXPOSED!!


Hello guys im Charlene Kemp, I currently work for Ghosts of Britain. I am also a member of Para Police, A team of investigators who are trying to at least monitor the field to expose the fakes and basically exposing how activity can be faked to educate people to not believe everything they see on TV programmes and Youtube.


So over the past few weeks I have had numerous messages from various people within the paranormal field who have reported to me that they have suffered at some degree some kind of bullying and harassment from others who are in the field. As I take a part of the Para police I have felt that I need to raise awareness of this. Unfortunately within the paranormal community there are individuals who I would class as your school ground bullies. Who set out to destroy peoples personal lifes, business, reputation, events, evidence and basically torment a person to such a degree they feel that they no longer can continue in the field.


Another issue I also had was regarding a lady who claimed that she could 100% make contact with one of your love ones, initially I heard of this and was mad, how could any medium make should a big claim, in my eyes she was a con, she claimed you would be able to see, feel and have 100% contact with your past loved one for a price. So after hearing this I was 100% certain I was going to expose this lady, I was going to make an appointment with this lady and try and have her contact my ‘dead aunty sue’ ( I haven’t got a dead aunty sue) but if she made contact then this proved my exposure that she was a con. It wasn’t until I further looked into this lady that I realised something, I watched her videos and how she was on these and what she claimed to have and be. And actually realised that this lady infact has a severe mental health issues, she  has stated this in her videos and that she was being treated for such and claims to have helped others in a similar situation I had the hanging feeling that she may be in fact preying on those who suffer with a mental health problems. So I looked into her further and decided to give this lady a ring to see what she was about and how she was. Her behaviour on the phone also indicated and confirmed to me in my opinion that she did have some kind of mental health issue and it came across to me that she may have been quite medicated while speaking with her. I came to the decision to no publicly expose this lady, if others chose to then that is up to you.


This lady hosts such a demonstration in your home at a cost, but it has to be within her area. With this in mind my conclusion of this was due to what she may have she would in fact 100% believe she can contact any passed loved you wish and therefore wasn’t intentionally conning people has she fully believes she can even though in hindsight she properly cant and yes is conning people but this to me isn’t intentional. This then leads me on to my next part, because the field isn’t regulated in any way it allows such a person to work within the field, it is open to everyone, there is nobody to monitor it. If it was regulated in some way and we somehow had to register what we did to a panel of people to be considered to work in the field then maybe people who make such big claims wouldn’t be working within the field. As a result of this, understandably this lady has been subjected to negative posts regarding her claims, I understand why with the claims she is making but please bare in mind this lady is suffering with a mental illness and just because this lady looks physically well it does mean that this lady is well, and such posts could potentially trigger a massive un wanted reaction from this lady to herself, yourself or others, please bare this in mind.


My only warning to the public is if a medium is making such a claim please think before booking because you are most likely going to leave very disappointed after also paying for a service which someone could not provide for you or that you believed to not be true.


Some of the other complaints are as followed, potentially trying to close down a location, trying to cancel events, ringing the police to incidents which haven’t even occurred, passing messages to love ones and friends to turn them against the person, sending abuse which include threats, trying to destroy a peoples reputation within the field, constantly bombarding a person with messages of abuse, posts directed at another person or group, turning up at peoples places of work to give abuse even death threats!!…..the list is endless and seriously makes me question why I got into this field altogether.


The biggest problem I believe causing this is social media, messages are flew between people, screen shots are taken, this is then used as some kind of evidence against another person. Posts are directed at individuals and posters and mini videos made to take the mick out of who they are having the conflict with. This guys is childish!! And please bare in mind that I have been informed by many that there is indeed a app that is now available which enables a person to edit screen shots in some way.


You then have whose who take sides, these people only have heard half the story and cast a judgment before they have even spoken to the party being accused. There are two sides to a story as some would say three 😉 and before any judgement can be cast you should look at both sides instead of jumping on the band wagon and joining those who are causing the drama. I understand that sometimes people can pull the wool of people’s eyes but please bare in mind that you have only heard half the story before involving yourself.


If you have a disagreement with someone and it cannot be resolve then my best advice would be to please just delete that person, have no other contact with them, consider it a lesson learnt and move on. Easier said than done Im sure you are all sat there thinking…this is true but what you have to sit down and think about is why you are in this field….is it to make friends/enemies and slate each other or to gather some evidence, enjoy investigating the unknown and to find some comfort for yourself?


I know which one it is for me…..and if I meet some friends along the way who I trust then great (which I have may I add many) but if I hadn’t would I still have the passion and interest….yes I would.


Below is a Live Steam #TheparanormalSkeptic Lee Steer did regarding Bullying issues within the field, some of the legal jargon which surrounds it and what he feels is the best course of action to take.


Here is another article by Claire Barrand 

Give it a read guys it raises some fantastic points!The-Unique-Reason-behind-Bullying-and-Personal-Attacks-within-the-Paranormal-Community-REVEALED/o8t7l/583739b5e417294c9dc7ab2c