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Creepy Place To Visit – Rose Hall – Jamaica

rose hall 1Rose Hall is one of the finest examples of colonial great houses on the island of Jamaica, but what truly makes it legendary is the fact that locals believe the house has been haunted for decades by the ghost of Annie Palmer, better known as the White Witch.
Since her death in the early 1830s, the spellbinding legends surrounding Rose Hall have been woven into Caribbean folklore and have been immortalized in at least a dozen Gothic novels including the H. G. De Lisser novel, The White Witch of Rose Hall, published in 1928.
Most of the folklore surrounding Rose Hall relates to its infamous mistress Annie Palmer, an 18-year-old English woman who arrived at the estate in the spring of 1820 after her marriage to John Rose Palmer. After the death of her parents in Haiti, Annie had been raised by a nanny who was an expert in the black art of voodoo and faithfully taught her young charge. When Annie came to the island searching for a husband, she was already quite an expert in the dark art of voodoo and some say she used it to attract her first husband, John Palmer.
Although it was never proven, it is widely believed that Annie Palmer murdered three husbands and countless slave lovers in the 10 years she lived on the plantation, who are all believed to haunt the house. Some believe that the lead china she dined on almost daily may have caused lead poisoning that slowly drove her insane.
The Story of Annie’s death presumably at the hands of her slave lover named”Takoo”. , it is said he attempted to bury her in a grave protected by voodoo spells to prevent her malevolent sole from rising up and haunting the mansion. Unfortunately, the spells are believed to have not been performed properly, because countless locals and visitors alike claim to have seen her. A song about the legend called “The Ballad of Annie Palmer” was recorded by Johnny Cash and the satanic band, Coven made a song called “White Witch of Rose Hall.



(Tomb said to be Annie Palmer’s at Rose Hall, Jamaica)


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