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Creepy True Tale Tuesdays! – James Dean’s Car

James Dean was all about his customized 1955 Porsche Spyder, calling it his “Little Bastard.” . When Sir Alec Guiness saw the car, he could sense the evil and told him that he’d be dead in a week, and a week later Dean had his fatal accident. Then when the wreck was brought to the mechanics, it fell on one of them crushing his legs. When the car’s new owner sold the ending and drivetrain to two racers, one lost control and hit a tree, dying instantly. The other was injured when his car locked up and he rolled it.
It didn’t stop there though, a thief who tried to steal parts of the remaining wreck was fatally injured. The car was then donated to a safety exhibit of the California Highway Patrol. Soon after, the exhibit caught fire. They tried it again, only this time, the wreck fell on a student, breaking his hip. Finally, a truck driver who was transporting the wreck to the exhibit, was found crushed to death somehow by the wreck.


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