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EXPOSE: Paranormal Equipment SCAMS – BUYERS BEWARE!

So you see a listing in a selling group and think, bingo! I need that piece of expensive equipment for my kit, I wonder if they will sell for a good price?….you contact the seller and you agree on the price….you pay… then wait for your parcel…and wait….contact the seller…no joy…wait again…get a dozen excuses…wait ….get asked for more postage money…you send and then wait….and then you get blocked or the profile disappears or simply you have a message back saying due to the amount of hassling you have been giving them they have decided you now can’t have it and due to the inconvenience of the hassling messages they aint refunding the money back either!

This is what has happened in the community within the last few months unfortunately.

Listed below is a advertisement from a seller claiming to be selling paranormal equipment

A paranormal investigator decides he wants to buy a few bits, a price is agreed, she asks for half now and postage…and she states to send the rest of the money owed when the items arrive… sounds fair doesn’t it?

He then asks how to pay the amount and she wants it via a Bank Transfer……..

Sends it over

And hears NOTHING

He messages again to see if she’s received it to be told she needs a further £12 has the item is really heavy and it needs to be sent next day delivery and she needs bus fair as has it’s really cold outside and she couldn’t possibly walk to the post office…

He then states he doesn’t need the item to be next day and a few days time will be fine….she agrees and says she will sort it. The few days passes, he’s asked for a receipt for the proof of sending and NOTHING…..

He messages again she pops up to say she hasn’t had chance a family issue has arisen and it will be posted out….

At this point im sure anyone may be slightly worried…so he asks for the money back, which she claims she will when she’s not busy….and again nothing.

By this point if you hassle her again you either get a message from her husband from her profile on her behalf saying that you are not getting it or your money back because you have in some way threatened her or you get blocked…..

This lady does have the kit she took pictures with it…she doesnt seem to be into the paranormal…but who knows she could be, but if any teams recognise it, it sure wouldn’t surprise me!

After speaking with some others she has also tried to sell the same items to others even after payment was received.

And after digging some deeper, I think she is known for her cons…… but of course you wouldn’t know this before checking everything out…you would see that lovely piece of new equipment you want….

So how can we be careful….NEVER pay someone via Bank Transfer or Western Union…why?….because the payment can not be reversed, in some cases not even traced and sending it this way can be seen as a gift rather than an actual purchase.

The safest way is through PayPal at least then if you don’t receive your item a dispute will be made and potentially you could get your money back. If they havent got Paypal I wouldn’t bother, unless of course you pay on collection.

Apparently this is a common scam in groups with many being conned

Look at this ad for instance

Lee smart messaged…again price was arranged and payment was sent via bank transfer and…….no item was sent.

Lee messages…messages again…and again and BLOCKED.

So another profile to watch out for is this one

Both of these have proof of payment yet havent contacted the police because there is no buyer protection, it would be seen as a civil matter therefore not a police matter.

It would seem that these kind of scammers have numberous profiles so pin pointing them to just one or two is hard. I also understand it is hard for groups who do allow equipment selling to control this matter also but urge such groups to advise potential buyers and sellers to only deal if it’s through a buyers protection site such as PayPal.

This article is mainly to make people more aware of the danger of western union and bank transfers, as these are just 2 examples, out of many people who do this kind of scam. If you buy from some person direct, without eBay, amazon, google pay – applepay – Esty, the most normal and safest way of payment is PayPal, where the goods needs to be stated in the message to the buyer / seller.. 

Only exception of bank transfers would be well buying direct using your card on a secured well established site, which has a clear following of active users. Western union.. no major website would ask for payment through this and if they insist they haven’t other way to receive payment simply suggest payment of collection only!


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  1. This is why I have only ever bought equipment brand new online and always use PayPal

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