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Creepy True Tale Tuesdays – Ghost Passengers

Charlene Lowe Kemp

So every Tuesday I am going to set aside for a Creepy True Tales. Which will be of Creepy true paranormal encounters from around the world….

To start this off I thought this would be a good one to Share……


After the devastating tsunami in 2011, college student Yuka Kudo travelled to Ishinomaki, a town where 6,000 people died. She asked cab drivers if they witnessed any unusual experiences after the disaster.

Most ignored her, but seven cab drivers talked of picking up ghost passengers, and their accounts where eerily similar. According to the drivers, the ghosts (who looked like normal people at the time) would get into their cabs and give their destination to where they wanted to go, only to disappear without paying the fare.

One such passenger asked her driver to take her to a district that had been wiped out by the waves. When he told her what it was like there, she asked, “Have I died?” When he turned around to look at her, she was gone.


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