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Welcome to Dead Creepy Podcast!

Hello to all Paranormal Magazine followers! We are Claire and Linzi, hosts of Dead Creepy Podcast, we like to describe our podcast as a mishmash of light-hearted paranormal based humor with some informative and interesting guests occasionally making an appearance too!

We have been described as ” The Paranormal  Loose Women” …  Basically… we don’t take ourselves too seriously and want to bring a fun element to Paranormal podcasts.  Each podcast is very different, we have bedtime stories to chill your soul and also some spoof stuff – check out Para-Paddy, (who has kicked off in the paranormal world?)  Para News and also Skeptic’s View with our resident skeptic Daryl Whitebottom.


We have just been lucky enough to be the official broadcasters for Sage Paracon 2017 and will be soon bringing some interviews from John Zaffis, Jeff Belanger, and Brian J Cano amongst others, so make sure you don’t miss those! Please head over to our Facebook page and give us a like here

Please head over to our Facebook page and give us a like!

and Follow us on Twitter @dead_creepy

Host Claire Barrand is also a writer and researcher who has written for Paranormal Magazine previously as well as Haunted Magazine and Spooky so check out more about Claire here

Below is our playlist from episode one on Youtube, so you can check out our past episodes, but we are also available to download on iTunes, Podbean and Stitcher so please follow us and we always appreciate feedback and reviews of course!





jeff belanger

Claire, Linzi, Jeff Belanger of “Ghost Adventures” and the best photobomb ever by MJ Dickson! 😀 #SageParacon2017



2 thoughts on “Welcome to Dead Creepy Podcast!

  1. Fantastic podcast made me laugh loudly interesting, professionally executed so glad you made it this time “First time for everything” Can’t wait for a blast from “The International buttcracks” (will he be coming back haha) Darrel Whitebottom with his degree of parapsychologist that he studied at the village hall. pot noodle’s ready hahahaha loved your stories. Will be looking out for you your further podcasts.

    1. Thank you, Yvonne! We are glad you laughed with us! 🙂 Daryl Whitebottom has made several appearances in other episodes you will be glad to hear! He has always got something interesting to add .. 😉 check out other episodes here Claire x

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