Halsham House Ghost Investigation

The Ghostly Goings On At Halsham House are well documented in the most famous news papers, with reports of poltergeist activity taking place, objects been thrown, doors opening by them selves, hot and cold spots and balls of light are commonly seen at this manor house.  Project Paranormal set off to film the next episode of their series at this beautiful historic house, which just so happens to be on David’s 40th  birthday.

A look inside the beautiful house. 

After having a walk around the house, the first step of the night was to do a live stream on our facebook fan page of the team investigating within the the beautiful living room using the echovox to try and get some intelligent responses of spirit communication.

Watch the First Live to see what unfolded, and what charlene picked up regarding a spirit presence.

After the live stream the team carried on filming for their episode, Charlene started to pick up more of a presence and described him to Ben the manager of the house who was very surprised with the description Charlene gave which will be shown in the final polished video produced. Moving on the team moved into the next four poster bed room to try some new equipment and experiments only to find that we had a battery issues with the equipment. The equipment malfunctioned to the point we had to scrap the idea of the new experiment. Ben said this was a common occurence here. Never the less we had more up our sleeve which is new and fresh to try.

While within the four poster bed room the team did encounter some rapid changes in temperature which was displayed on the mel  meter, nothing much really happned within the room, while time was flying by leaving us 20 mins to try out a new experiment which will be REVEALED on the episode video so make sure you watch it.
Moving on it was  MIDNIGHT, time for the next live stream of the night located in the attic where remains of bones was found, “its uncertain what the bones are of, some think a little girl some think a little boy, some say an animal like a dog” alleged to be the most active part of the house and for the team defo the most interesting part of the house.

Before the live we had rapid temperature changes on the Tempetature gage that went to blue to red to blue mainly on command. This will also be shown in the footage.

Ian set up some lock off cameras, and while he was looking around he noticed a door was unhinged, which was claimed to be closed fully, also while in the attic he had a feeling that someone was behind him within other side of the attic, as he came closer to the group again he get the feeling back again that someone was behind him.. while all this was taking place Charlene was with the live stream camera walking around showing the fans the attic and conducting ITC with dave with what seems to be some interesting results for a believer.

Watch the live stream #2 to see what unfolded and what other new challenging technique was used within the live stream.. Will the spirits prove to be intelligent??

Polished Video Episode Coming Soon! 


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