Red Ridge X -A Date With A Doll.

See what the ALLEGED HAUNTED DOLL – Elizabeth got upto when she left the hands of the owners, and into the hands of independent investigators red Ridge X. OMG what good results.. Good job lizzy! 🙂

Red Ridge X


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Lizzy the Haunted Doll.

Red Ridge X  have been given the opportunity to hold in our possession Lizzy the haunted doll. The dolls owners Project Paranormal have kindly passed the doll over for 7 days to see if we notice anything out of the ordinary occur around the house. The doll has been known to cause nightmares, scratches and even effect lights in the room.

Below is the blog of Philip Williams of Red Ridge X.

November 5th 2016 – Day 1

My name is Philip Williams and welcome to my daily blog. First of all I  will explain the nature to this 7 day blog. I have in my room the Elizabeth doll. I have been given permission to take the doll home and share my experience and thoughts of each day while in possession of the doll.

I woke up round 3am this morning to an interesting dream, it…

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