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​The Moon’s Effect- Does A Full Moon Have An Effect On Paranormal Activity?

By Ian Ainsley
For centuries tales of the moon and links to the supernatural have circulated amongst the masses in particular full moons.

Many ancient beliefs and practices believed that the spirit world is more noticeable during the phases of a full moon and would use the full moons as a chance to perform rituals to speak to the spirit realm. 

Now it could be that this is a genuine occurrence that activity increases during a full moon but then again it could also be put down to Luna Madness or the Luna Lunacy Effect or quite simply it could all just be a myth passed down through the ages gaining credibility as it goes.

There are many paranormal teams that will say activity is greater during the full moon then there are others that will say it doesn’t have much of an affect on activity at all. 

It is widely believed that a full moon can affect people in certain ways. We all know that the moon’s gravitational pull affects the tides but can it actually affect a person? If we look at what is known about the human body and how it is made up of 75-80% of water there is a strong chance that when the moon is full and at its strongest it could in theory affect a person in terms of what they are thinking. 

Say for instance a person has hidden emotions of anger then it is quite possible that during a full moon that emotion could manifest itself stronger than it usually is causing a person to act out of character. This could very well explain some if not all of the folklore tales of werewolves not in terms of a physical change but on a mental level it certainly could make a person behave more animal like acting off basic animal instincts.

 So in theory it is possible that full moons could cause a person who is inclined to thoughts of the paranormal to believe they are experiencing something paranormal or quite possibly it could cause that individuals mind to trick itself into hallucinating and seeing what they believe to be an apparition.

In conclusion not enough is known on the topic of the paranormal and the full moon to be able to pass judgement as to a definitive answer to whether full moons have an influence on paranormal activity or not so I will leave it up to you to decide whether or not you believe it does or not. 

It’s certainly a topic that intrigues me and one I would like to attempt to put to the test with my team Project Paranormal at some point.

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