Haunted Doll Attacks Second Person??? Who Is Next??

Elizabeth The Alleged Haunted Doll Attacks The Second Person??


Im sure alot of you will have heard and seen this doll out and about on the social sites, we was lucky enough to come into possession of this DOLL called “called ruby” with an alleged spirit attached called Elizabeth, from a well known spirit attachment collector Jayne Harris, she simply didn’t have the time to study this doll, so it fell into our hands.

CASE STUDY 1, 2 AND 3 Really got this doll out there with the public

with some strange results to present.., David getting burnt / scratched , Doll Falling, light bulbs blowing.. Live Watchers Started to Burn Up!.. The Doll is believed to talk to live watchers via ghost box and answer questions, like telling people her name, telling people the name of the DOLL and more…

However in most recent developments, it seemed Elizabeth kicked it up a notch!

we decided to put the down in the back scene of the live shows we do and focus on the “crying boy”While doing the live show people was drawn to the doll and started asking Lee steer to ask the doll question..

Before we show you what happened next, could this be Elizabeth not liking that we wasn’t focused on her on this show / live investigation??

Also please note at this point we are not saying the doll 100% did this, we are just saying this is what has happened around the dolls presence and we cant deny the fact.

Below is the report of a second person receiving a nasty looking cut / scratch,

on the case study before this, the temperature changed in such a rapid session i have never seen it go +5 -10 +5 within a few seconds.

Then on the live investigation not focused on the doll, some public call her for her to visit them, so lee asked the doll to do that, 1 person reported foot steps going up their stairs and then the dogs going barmy.. and the second person reported the below:

The Investigation Continues



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