​Sleep Paralysis

​By Ian Ainsley

Sleep paralysis sometimes referred too as old hag syndrome. It’s a common phenomenon that 1 in 3 people will experience at one point in their lives some more than others. It is often a mistaken phenomenon where people believe they have been attacked by a demon but the truth is far less sinister.

Sleep paralysis occurs when you are in a state known as REM Sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) which is the stage between consciousness and the dream world. 

Symptoms are as follows feeling like something is pinning you down, your unable to move, unable to cry out for help,  sometimes it can seem like your being violently shaken about,and in some cases feel like you can’t breath or your being choked. 

During REM sleep you can experience hallucinations both visually and audibly which often adds to the persons belief that something paranormal is occurring and it always seems frighteningly real, the reason for this is because your brain hasn’t fully woken up yet you are still half in the dream world and half in the conscious world. 

It is fairly common to feel like this is happening for minutes while your experiencing it when it is actually only seconds this is because while asleep we have no conception of time and being half awake and half asleep our brains have not yet adjusted to be measuring time properly.

Sleep paralysis accounts for 95% or more of supposed succubus, incubus and even ufo abduction cases. Reason people believe they have been attacked is it just seems so real but I assure you it isn’t.


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