​Demonic Possession And The Black Eyes Myth 

By Ian Ainsley

Demonic hauntings are rare, Possession in itself is even more so, if black eyes is a trait of  demonic possession then it is so extremely rare that it would happen in maybe 1/2 a percentage of cases not even 1% of cases yet it’s a common thing said by people who think that they have witnessed possession occur and I’m sorry but I can’t help but think that this belief or trait is linked completely to TV shows like supernatural as it seems this trait of black eyes in supposed cases only became a trait after the popularity of the show took off.

 Just my opinion but as a demonologist and studying demonology and the traits of demonic activity and possession for 11 years there is nothing in the scriptures I’ve read that includes this trait of the subject having black eyes nor have any of the cases I’ve worked on shown this trait ever which leaves me skeptical on it being a trait of possession as cases of possession have been around a lot longer than the TV show supernatural yet cases have only stated this black eye colour trait after the TV show took off. Not saying it isn’t possible just raising the point that cases of black eyes in possession cases only became “a trait” after Supernatural TV show became popular but wasn’t a present trait in possession cases before then. 

You can find cases that go back to 1634 (there are cases that go back even further than this also) which is the most famous mass possession case in history known as The Loudun Possessions. You won’t find black eyes present in any of the early cases of possession and some of them were pretty brutal and had really nasty entities that left demonic markings on the body and in a fair few cases killed the subject who was possessed. Yet they didn’t have black eyes.


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