​Can The White Light Spiritual Technique Be Used In Removing A Spirit?

​By Ian Ainsley

I have been asked this question time and time again about whether or not the white light technique actually is a spirit removal technique. The reason this question is asked often is because lots of spiritualists and paranormal teams will claim to their fans that it is actually a removal method when in actual fact it isn’t.

Firstly lets go over what White light actually is. White light is the space within the universe where positive energies are kept. This white light can be called upon by absolutely anyone and not just by spiritual mediums for protection from negative energies and off balance vibrations. White light cannot be used to harm, nor can it be harmed in any way. For this reason, negative or “dirty” energies can be sent to the white light for purification and transformation. 

The White Light Technique

This is probably the most known technique in the new age and metaphysical realms it involves the use of white light or light energy. The concept of surrounding ourselves with the white light of eternal love and protection is not a new thing to many. Still that being said many people can have trouble figuring out exactly how to do this. Some useful  visualisations you can try to achieve the White Light Technique:

1: Picture yourself in the center of a light bulb, then imagine it is turned on.

2: Visualize an angel hovering over you and the light radiating from all around it and around you.

3: While standing under a shower of water (real or imagined), see/feel the water turn into the light.

This technique is important as it raises our own vibrations and makes it less likely that we’ll even encounter those who are choosing to follow the path of  lower vibrations or negative vibrations. Also it helps to neutralise the negative vibrations that do manage to make their way to our aura.

It can also be used in a prayer form.

The White Light Protection Prayer

May the white Light of Christ surround you,

May the Love of God enfold you,

May The Presence of God watch over you,

May the Power of God protect you,

Wherever you are, God is.

It is not a removal it is a protection method it can protect you from negative spiritual attacks but it can not remove them from a location. This is just what quite often mediums and teams that don’t research properly will tell you that it will remove the spirit if you do this. It is not the case however if you can get the negative energy/ spirit to willfully go into the White light then it can be cleansed and it’s energy will no longer be of a negative nature but you have to first be able to get the spirit to enter into that space of White light for the energy to be changed which is easier said than done.


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  1. Excellent information. Thank you!

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