A DEMON Named Tezemus Reported At Hoober Stand, Rotherham. RECENT Eye Witness Accounts..

A topic which you dont hear us talk about much but we have to publish this news!

A rather concerned journalist from a local news paper contacted us, with some troubling emails and pictures. 3 Emails within the space of a week he had sent, all reporting strange paranormal occurrences at Hoober stand, with the same name popping up.



Eye witness account one.

Julie Thomson, A frequent dog walker from rawmarsh, I was out around 1.am saturday morning after a late shift from work on a friday, i walked up the back side path of hoober stand, while i was walking i felt something odd which best way to describe it is, a cold breeze which shoots past me, all the hairs on my arms stood up. Never the less i carried on as i got to the top of the hill i could hear whispers, i carried on walking at a fast pace . Further towards the stand i looked to my left and saw a group of 5 – 6 people in black and red cloths.. it sounded like they was doing some chants of some kind, saying the word Tezemus.. Tezemus.. Tezemus i stuck to the left hand side of the path and looked straight ahead and saw this tall dark figure which instantly gave me the chills i decided to go back the way i came..

Account Two

Andy Thorn, Hello could you please take a look at this photograph i caught at hoober stand folly

i was walking around the circle ring near the top of the stand with my wife and kids on Saturday evening it was still daylight.. normally we do alot of walking in county side and visit historial places, but my daughter was acting very strange on this day. we dont watch any paranormal tv shows or talk about ghosts in our house, but our daughter said she could see a black man, he following us. i told her that there is no one there, and she replied saying: hes a demon.

My wife said i think we should leave, i felt absolute fine but but i didn’t want to argue with what my daughter or wife was saying. so we decided to head back to the car.. when i got home i checked my camera and found this picture. i would love to know what this is? i am pretty spooked out now.

We at paranormal magazine haven’t seen the third witness account yet. 

Project Paranormal Will be doing an in depth review and investigation into the claims, many thanks to the local news paper for the information, we will be reporting back with a conclusion within a months time for the papers.

Tezemus No one truly knows the origins of the entity known as Tezemus. Tezemus is believed to go by many names throughout various religions and time periods one being Aeshma. It is believed that Tezemus is one of the three Daevas. The Daevas were a class of demons in Zoroastrianism that chose to follow Angra Mainya. The Gathas mentions three daevas, Aka Manah, Druj, and Aeshma. Aeshma is known as the ‘fiend of the wounding spear,’ (Yasht xi.15) and is the demon of wrath and fury. Sraosha is his greatest opponent. According to Darmesteter, he was originally the leader of the Dryvants, or ‘storm-fiends,’ but was later converted into the principle of ‘the demon of rage and anger,’ and became an expression for all moral wickedness. Tezemus is said to be a great King in the underworld and controls 72 legions of spirits. Depicted often as a man in a hooded robe sometimes seen riding on a dragon made of fire.



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