We create energy fields

Based on my own research and studying alleged paranormal activity for the last twelve years I have drawn a few conclusions .

The clients where either not educated , attention seeking , mentally unstable or creating the energy in the environment themselves .

To detect energy in the environment or more directly , electronic magnetic energy or ( emf ) for short , we as investigators use emf meters such as the tri field meter or a Mel meter .

The tri field meter has three axis , It measures and summarizes the magnetic and electric radiation from three angles .

It measures magnetic , electric and radio / microwave energy fields .

trimeterAs this is an American model it measures using a scale of 0 – 100 microteslas , which is another scale for measuring emf .

The frequency measured is 50mhz – 3 ghz of the electromagnetic spectrum .


Mel-MeterThe Mel meter was built by Gary Galka , which measures emf and ambient temperature .

This was designed specifically for paranormal research , the em field frequency in which it measures is from the 20hz bandwidth .

As I mentioned earlier I do have a conclusion and how I came to this conclusion is as follows .

I would like to share with you two alleged paranormal cases which I have shortened , just two of thirty cases I have attended .

Case 1 – I was contacted by a young girl in her early twenties , claiming her home was haunted .

She had a small child and a partner living with her .

Upon meeting them they filled out a questionnaire which gave me an idea of how they lived as a family .

As in lots of other cases they had one thing in common , they were severely argumentative with each other .

The alleged paranormal activity only happened when the young couple was arguing .

Upon the team arriving to take baseline readings , all emf was zero .

Case 2 – I was called to investigate claims of paranormal activity at a building called ” The Lime bar ” in Kingston upon Hull .

It was previously a bank which stands on the corner of a road called Wincolmlee , next to the North bridge .

This investigation made headlines in the Hull Daily Mail .

As I researched the historical archives I was to find out that the building was once a sugar house which was a warehouse for storing sugar .

In 1888 , 25th September , the building collapsed killing around twenty people including boys ( as stated in the old newspapers ) .

One of the boys was only six years old who was hit by a falling wall as he was walking past it .

The staff who worked at the Lime bar were unaware of the earlier disaster .

I took it upon myself to create a large experiment including the lime bar staff and ten members of public that I invited to the investigation .

Before the investigation started , the team took baseline readings around the building , all readings was zero em fields .

I gathered everyone into one room and told them of the disaster in 1888 along with some of the reports of unusual feelings from the staff .

Darkness fell and we started investigating the building .

There seemed to be an unusual tension in the air as we filmed in the dark with our night vision cameras .

We got to ground zero in the old basement when I decided to send a small group of women in by themselves as I filmed from a distance .

They started to get very excited but scared at the same time as the equipment started fluctuating to an em field .

After filming for several minutes I asked the small group of women to leave the basement .

I then took readings myself using the same equipment to which all emf readings was zero .

To prove my theory I had to do research regarding the human brain .

It takes us back to Neanderthal , first described by Walter Bradford Cannon .

His theory states that animals react to threats with a general discharge of the Sympathetic nervous system , priming the animal for fighting or fleeing .

More specifically the Adrenal Medulla produces a hormonal cascade that results in the secretion of Catecholamines , especially Norepinephrine and Epinephrine .

The hormones Estrogen , testosterone and Cortisol , as well as the Neurotransmitters Dopamine and Serotonin .

Anger and fear is created in the brain and is entirely unconscious .

There are two paths involved in the fear response .

The low road is quick and messy , the high road can take longer but gives a more detailed interpretation of what’s going on .

Both processes happen at the same time .

The low road takes no chances , kind of shoot first , ask later .

The path goes to the Thalamus – Amygdala – Hypothalamuss .

The high road is much more thoughtful .

While the low road is initiating the fear response , the high road is considering all the options .

The path is from the Thalamus – Sensory cortex – Hippocampus -Amygdala – Hypothalamus .

In case 1 , the young couple created the stimulus by arguing , neither of them backed down , thus creating this massive chemical reaction in the brain .

In case 2 , I added the stimulus with the disaster story and the ghostly feelings from the staff , none of the small group of women in the basement backed down because part of their brain made them feel as if their life was not in danger .

The chemical reaction within the group of women was building up .

We all know that we are suppose to use only 10 % of our brain , when in fact use 100 % .

Although parts of the brain have understood functions , many mysteries remain about how brain cells work together .

My many hours of investigating the paranormal has led me to believe that 90 % of alleged hauntings can be affiliated to my findings .

In all cases it has been females that create this type of energy that can be detected using various emf meters .

Although poltergeist activity has been theorised with young girls reaching puberty , this is the first time fear and anger has been linked to the cause of paranormal activity using these types of experiments .

My research has been presented to various colleges and is still ongoing .

I do have a video of the small group of women investigating the basement showing this experiment .

Please contact me to see it .




About Mark-PSI

I have researched the paranormal field for over 24 years . Documenting all alleged paranormal claims . PSI ( Paranormal scientific investigators )is going strong founded in 2005 We boast a global internet paranormal radio show .. ( Based in Kingston upon Hull ) . We also design and build some of our own equipment , not used anywhere else but with PSI .

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  1. Learning about the human brain and linking it to paranormal activity is not a waste of time , its a massive leap forward and hopefully help educate people in the future , thank you for your feedback:)

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