Welcome To Paranormal Magazine

A Truly Unique Ghost Hunting Magazine published in UK.

Lee Steer and Wayne Ridsdel bring to you the world of the paranormal at your fingertips, in an original style like no other!

Voted The Best Paranormal Magazine **in 2013**

Join the Paranormal Magazine as we take you deep into the heart of the paranormal.

be fascinated by famous ghost story’s, New hauntings, Ghosts caught on camera

Maybe you are interested in the technologies used in ghost hunting, We have that to.

New Equipment’s, History of Equipment, Learn how to make paranormal equipment, Learn the secrets what others don’t want you to know!

The Paranormal Tree is massive and we explore it!

Learn about long lost Traditions, Unusual creatures, Myths and legends,

We also feature an

A to Z, On each issue we cover 3 letters of the alphabet

With Real hand drawn Art Illustrated by Wayne Ridsdel


  1. I am about to take my investigations to another level. My own company! ANY advice is welcome

  2. Thank you for the free magazine :) Cant wait to read it.

  3. Seem like an interesting read

  4. A true, real black cover-up, revealed, and documented.

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